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10 Annoying Travel Habits

Traveling is a redeeming luxury that allows us to escape the chains of reality; if only for a little while. Expectations are high when you're on vacation because the term is associated with a time to ...


10 Things You Can Get For Free On Planes

The feeling you get from being on an airplane is one of freedom. You're on your way to your next destination and there's no telling what might be in store. Sure, the takeoff might be a little intimida...


10 Best Places For Vegan Fast Food In New York

People who practice veganism maintain rigorous dietary preferences and they don't eat any products produced by animals. Nope, not even cheese. Instead, they get their source of protein from creative a...


10 Haunted Places To Visit In Chicago

It doesn't have to be Halloween for people to be curious about haunted whereabouts. Despite Chicago's reputation for city life (and pizza), it's one of the most haunted places in the United States. Th...


The 10 Scariest Ghost Tours In America

On any ordinary day, the idea for a haunted ghost tour might seem silly. But when October rolls around, the daunting atmosphere takes a universal hold, and people can't help but get into the spooky sp...


10 Haunted Places To Visit In Boston

Boston has a reputation for being a large city with a lot to offer in the form of modern activities. It was founded in 1693, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. So naturally, like...

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