Articles by Staci Miller


10 Awesome Free Things To Do In Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is a city of Europe that tends to be underrated, but... who knows why? This is an amazing central European city to visit, with friendly locals and a simply incredible culture. Go the...


10 Best Vodka Brands To Try In Russia

The Russian vodka industry is huge and growing. It may seem like a stereotype of the western world that Russians love their vodka, but they do — Russians drink around twenty-seven liters of alcohol a ...


10 Cheap Countries To Visit

Sometimes, traveling is more difficult than it sounds. It’s easy to catch a case of the wanderlust and spend ages pouring over google images and travel sites, fervently staring at the pictures and wis...


¡Andale! 8 Safest Cities In Mexico

Mexico is both a popular vacation destination and one that many people tend to avoid. It has a reputation for being a party place, and while it certainly is, that’s not all Mexico has to offer! Like m...


10 Amazing Facts About Pig Island

Big Major Cay Island is an island in the Bahamas which, in itself, does not make it all that special. Did you know the Bahamas are made up of over 700 different islands? Phew! That’s a lot. So what makes this one stand out?


10 Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

With Halloween coming up, it’s putting us all in the mood for some horror and scares – and the bravest among us might even want to take a vacation to some spots that only the most courageous go. These...