Sean Murray

Sean honestly believes he hasn't really traveled enough. He's been across the Pacific to Thailand and Cambodia, various locations in the US, and from one coast of Canada to the other, but much of the world has eluded him. Europe and Australia are two definite locations to visit, along with Disney World. He just doesn't see what all the hubbub for Disney is all about. They say that technology allows you to write from anywhere these days, but really that's a lie. You ever tried to write something in 120-degree heat? It's insane. As for writing chops, he's written for TheRichest.com, HotCars.com, TheGamer.com, TheThings.com, and BabyGaga.com when they need someone to write about science and not about drooling infants. Catch more of Sean on his Twitter @seanmurray683.

Articles Published : 131

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