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10 Best Places For Afternoon Tea In NYC

The origin of afternoon tea is believed to have begun in England with Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford in 1840. Anna, who struggled with hunger pains every afternoon, began having small sweets and...

Travel Hacks

10 Things Every Traveling Parent Needs

The summer tends to give everybody the itch to travel. The weather is nicer, the kids are out of school, most parents take holidays during the summer, and it's a great time to have a change of scenery...


10 Awesome Oreo Flavors You Can Only Get In China

Who doesn't love Oreo cookies?! They are a staple in most homes these days, being the number one selling cookie of the 20th century. The company brings in $1.5 billion in revenue every year, and these...


10 Canadian Oddities You Didn't Know Existed

There has always been plenty of comparisons made between the US and its neighbor to the north, Canada. While fairly similar in many ways, the two countries do very much possess their own identities an...


10 Best Places To Go Whale Watching

Whales are fascinating creatures, huge gentle giants that roam slowly through our oceans. These beautiful beasts were hunted to near extinction in the 18th and 19th centuries, but they are ever-so-slo...

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