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10 Best Pub Crawls In The U.S.

Pub crawls, or bar crawls, are a huge form of entertainment for adults living in the United States. They provide them with exceptional drinks, loud music, and a place to catch up with old friends. The...


10 Free Things To Do In Germany

Germany is a beautiful country filled with culture and history that is all its own. It can be hard to find things to do when you are on a tight budget. Everything costs money, and you have to be able ...


10 Best Wineries In Portugal To Visit

Wineries are amazing places where you can tour the facility, sample some great wines, and be surrounded by miles of vineyards. Portugal is known to have some of the best wineries in the world that tou...


Cheers: 10 Best Classic Beer Halls In Germany

Germany is known for its beer halls where locals congregate for great beer and excellent food. They are set up similar to a dining hall with tables and benches that replace regular booths or chairs. I...


The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

The world is full of dangerous people, and oftentimes, they congregate in specific cities. These places can be found all over the world and they are areas that travelers should do their best to avoid....


10 Best Places In America To Drink Gin

Gin is a favorite in many households that are generally served with tonic water or as part of a classic cocktail. You could order it as a martini, tom collins, or even as a gimlet. The outcome of your...

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