Articles by Matt Berger


Top 10 Cities for Sci-Fi Movie Tourism

Few film genres feel as far away from our current reality as science fiction. But, the best films which utilize science fiction tropes are those that keep some sort of foot in the real world, remindin...


The Most Underrated Cities On The West Coast

"The West Coast is the best coast" seems to be the mantra for folks living in Washington, Oregon, and California. While the title of "best coast" is certainly not settled, there's no denying that the ...


10 Places In The UK Made For Animal Lovers

One of the perks of traveling is seeing things you would otherwise not see at home. For example, when you're sitting at home doing nothing, you're certainly not getting up close and personal with some of the craziest wildlife in the world.


10 Completely Free Things To Do In England

Everyone knows how much it costs to travel. If it was free, we'd all be doing it. But of course, every trip comes with its costs. From airfare to lodging, food, and admission to attractions, the costs...