Articles by Kristin McCarthy


20 Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Resorts

Nothing will make your skin prick like an abandoned building. Jails, police stations, and former asylums are popular destinations for people who love to freak themselves out by touring spaces once occupied by the down and out.


20 Shady Places In Mexico We'd Never Set Foot In

The country of Mexico has a lot to offer adventurous travelers. The warm and sunny place boasts plenty of five-star hotels and resorts that will cater to your every need and serve you cocktails as you bask away on the warm and sandy beaches.


Brad Pitt And 19 Other Celebs Who Own Private Islands

The most famous celebrities on Earth can afford to buy just about anything that they want. Million-dollar mansions, the fastest cars money can buy, the latest designer clothes, all of those things are within arm's reach for the rich and the famous.