Articles by Kristy Ambrose

10 of the Most Haunted Places to Visit in Japan


You could call it ghost hunting, paranormal tourism, or just an interest in the unknown. Like foodies and gamers, there's a travel plan for those that are seeking the ethereal. Japan, the land of a th...

The Top 10 Cities for Video Game Tourismz


It used to be something that only those weirdos in the chess club did with a map and a handful of funny looking dice. Today, the Gamer now holds a hallowed place in the realm of popular culture, right...

10 Haunted Places To Visit In New York


Some interesting new trends have made it into the travel mainstream in the last few years. Foodie tourism, extreme sports travel, and eco-tourism are just a few examples. And then there are those who ...

The Top 10 Cities for Movie Tourism


When it's time to get away for a vacation, how do you make your choice? Some people like exotic food, others enjoy history or architecture. Movie tourism is also becoming more popular. Cities that hav...