Articles by Erin Gaura

Top 10 Destinations For Music Lovers


Music fans have been making pilgrimages to music capitals of culture for centuries. When you visit a city that loves its music, you can always tell. Whether it’s New Orleans jazz seeping from all corn...

The 10 Most Unique AirBnBs You Can Stay At


With the rise of Airbnb in the last few years, travelers have more opportunities to stay in alternative accommodations on their holidays. For those who aren’t familiar with the platform, Airbnb is an ...

10 Things We Know So Far About Star Wars Land


From the release of A New Hope, the Star Wars saga has garnered a massive following. Whether you have been waiting for a Star Wars theme park since 1977 or are a new fan, the official Star Wars park i...

10 Coolest New York City Speakeasy Bars


Oh, the Roaring 20s—flappers, jazz, and... Prohibition. Backed by prominent religious groups, the U.S. government outlawed the production and sale of alcohol from 1920 to 1933, which meant if you fanc...

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