Articles by Elena Alston


10 Best Places To Surf In California

Though its precise origins remain murky, surfing was first practiced by Polynesians—called heʻe ʻana—most notably on the Hawaiian islands, and was an essential part of their culture. A way of life. It was much more than a hobby.


10 Countries That Will Pay You To Move There

Dolly Parton may have a point. Looking for greener pastures doesn’t always have the outcome one might hope for. Especially if you’re leaving your pot-smoking beau behind in the bluegrass state of Kentucky.


10 Islands Infested By Critters

An island is a universe of its own – a small world separated by the ocean. For animal-lovers, an island replete with cute animals probably sounds like paradise. Of course, you have to really love anim...


The 10 Most Expensive Bars In The World

What makes some bars so heftily overpriced? In cities, it's usually their metropolitan markup, 'luxury' entertainment and snooty waiters, whereas in more tropical areas it's generally down to prime lo...