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10 Most Luxurious Glamping Spots In California

Planning a trip to California? Why not "glamp" while you're there! Glamping, a nickname for "glamorous camping," is a unique and comfortable way to get some fresh air and connect with the great outdoo...


10 Most Instagrammable Spots In Britain

Not to sound melodramatic, but making this list was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I'm still agonizing over whether I got it right or not. Given that the United Kingdom encompasses Engl...


10 Weird Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Airports

A lot goes on behind the scenes at an airport, so next time you're stuck in one it might be worth it to explore a little (or, if you're too lazy, just read this article). There are millions of interes...

Travel Hacks

10 Safest Airlines For Flying With Pets

There are a lot of airlines that claim to be "pet-friendly," but which airlines are actually pet-safe? Just because an airline accepts pets on your flight doesn't mean they know how to properly treat ...