Articles by Christine Persaud


10 Tips For Getting Through Your Red Eye Flight

Let’s not mince words: red-eye flights are the worst. These are the ones that depart around 11 PM at night and get you home in the wee hours of the morning. There are two main reasons people take red-...


10 Show Tapings You Can Attend In Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city within the province of Ontario, and a great tourist destination, especially during the summer months. There’s always something fun going on, along with delicious food and riveting entertainment.


10 Tips For Efficiently Packing A Suitcase

One of the most important things to do when ready to jet off on a vacation or work trip is to pack your suitcase. And this can be a difficult task as you try and decide what you’ll need, what you migh...


10 Most Common Misconceptions About Canada

Canada is a beautiful, multicultural country that spans 3.85 million square miles (err, 9.98 million square kilometers, actually) of space. While it isn’t the most densely populated, with lots of gree...