Articles by Bri Thomas


10 Spots From Horror Movies To Check Out

Fans of creepy movies can watch and rewatch their favorites. They can have discussions about the best moments and characters. They can buy products that show off their fandom. And they can even visit ...


10 Bars In Unique Locations

Heading to a bar is a normal and welcomed way to spend some free time, and while many opt for this activity due to the drinks (like a beer or two or 10) and/or the people (such as friends, family memb...


10 Authors’ Houses You Can Visit

There are authors of all types who have become heroes, icons, and leaders, as their stories resonate with the masses and also entertain and inspire an array of readers, all these years later.


Check Out These Homes Famous People Lived In

Our culture is obsessed with celebrities. We follow them on social media, we try to spot them out in public, and we are fascinated with behind-the-scenes details of their lives, such as where they liv...


Beautiful Bridges From Around The World

The world is full of architectural wonders, and some of the coolest structures out there are bridges. Some are driven over daily, as a way to get from one place to another. A couple are located at tou...


Cool Abandoned Houses To Check Out

From theme parks and hospitals to schools and prisons, there are abandoned places all over the world that creep people out yet fascinate them, as well. If anyone is into this sort of thing—skeletons o...

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