Articles by Bri Thomas

10 Quirky Roadside Attractions To Stop By


There are tourist destinations all across the country, and for some, getting there is half the fun. A road trip can mean snacks, a great playlist and, of course, stops at roadside attractions. From th...

10 Haunted Houses To Go To...If You Dare


All across the country, there are haunted houses full of spooky sights that cause people to run, jump and scream… but it is just so fun to go through these things! What is great is that several of the...

The 10 Best Disney Theme Park Rides, Ranked


Like its films, Disney’s theme parks provide fun for all ages; the rides found at Disneyland and at Disney World allow fans to see their favorite stories in a whole new way and allow for glimpses into...

10 Of The Most Haunted Places To Visit


Many people believe that certain places are haunted. Noises may be heard in these spots, figures could be seen, orbs possibly float around … or worse. Yes, there are cemeteries, hotels, prisons, landm...