Articles by Bri Thomas

Cool Abandoned Houses To Check Out


From theme parks and hospitals to schools and prisons, there are abandoned places all over the world that creep people out yet fascinate them, as well. If anyone is into this sort of thing—skeletons o...

10 Graffiti Parks To Visit


One of the coolest forms of art is graffiti—writings and drawings that are made out in public and usually without permission. While these markings can be found randomly on walls, bridges and other sur...

10 Beaches So Gorgeous They Look Fake


Many of us dream of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Whether we are jumping in to enjoy activities like snorkeling and surfing or whether we prefer to lounge on a towel with a drink in han...

10 Themed Restaurants You Absolutely Need To Try


Whether people are mainly going for the food, the location, the ease or the company, going out to eat is a common occurrence. Why not head to a one-of-a-kind, super original spot, though, to make this...

14 Times Disney Castles Got Makeovers


Around the world, there are six places that feature Disney theme parks: Orlando, Florida, Anaheim, California, Tokyo, Japan, Paris, France, Hong Kong, China, and Shanghai, China. Each of these resorts...

Free Things To Do When Visiting Austin


Every city has its perks and quirks, but there is one that really stands out, with its weirdness and with all of its free activities: Austin! Located in the heart of Texas, this capital city is home t...

The 10 Most Texan Restaurants


Everything is bigger—and better!—in Texas, especially when it comes to food. The Lone Star State is known for staples such as chicken fried steak, tex-mex, barbecue and comfort cuisine, all done up in...

10 Quirky Roadside Attractions To Stop By


There are tourist destinations all across the country, and for some, getting there is half the fun. A road trip can mean snacks, a great playlist and, of course, stops at roadside attractions. From th...

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