Articles by Bri Thomas


10 One-of-A-Kind Meditation Experiences

Meditation is all about attention and awareness, and there are a variety of tools and techniques that exist and that can be used in order to clear one’s mind, destress, and reach new heights in new ways.


10 Darling Spots Located In Desolate Areas

There are cute spots all over the planet, such as tiny homes and intricate churches along with unique attractions and adorable places to stay. Plus, some of these spots can be found in desolate areas, such as the ones listed down below.


10 Of The Prettiest Hotels In The U.S.

With a variety of motels, inns and hotels across the country, there is truly something for everyone: glamorous spots in NYC, historic buildings in the South, lodges in snow-covered areas, beachside vi...


10 Haunted Spots In Texas

Texas is known for authentic cowboy hats, delicious barbecue and doing everything in a bigger and better way … and that includes hauntings. Every state has its fair share of haunted locations, but the...

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