Articles by Ashley Wehrli


20 Creepy Photos Of Alcatraz

Alcatraz is infamous, and it is a place that gets thousands (if not millions) of visitors every year. They are yearning to tour the infamous jail that has held some of the world’s worst and most violent criminal offenders.


20 Rules Most Zoo Employees Have To Follow

When we were all younger, we all had dreams of what we wanted to do. There were probably tons of little children who dreamed of growing up and working with animals. They are cute and cuddly, but they are also a lot of work.


20 Sad Photos Of Planes That Were Abandoned

There are sometimes images that we see that get stuck in our head. They may be shocking, scary or just interesting. They say that pictures speak a thousand words, and that has proven to be true time after time.


20 Rules Every Passenger Needs To Follow On Cruise Ships

For a lot of people, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is the chance to go on a cruise ship. Going on a cruise is one of the most popular tourist spots now, and people are just waiting for their chance to get on one of these massive ships.


20 Times Pilots Did Sketchy Things On Flights

A lot of people take flying for granted. They are excited to be going on a trip. Maybe to a tropical island for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Maybe they are off to a historical adventure somew...

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