Ashleigh Baker

Ash is a self-professed impulsive freedom-chaser, world-traveler and adventurer. She’s overpacked, underpacked, moved to the side of the world (twice), almost adopted stray animals from where she’s visited more times than she will care to admit, has friends she insists on visiting across the globe and is constantly planning to see, and has turned up in countries with absolutely no plan at all way more times than is probably recommended. Originally hailing from Australia and now residing in Canada, she consults companies, markets and teams around the globe on marketing, social media, growing communities, events, and copywriting. With a Masters degree in Communications and a Bachelor degree in Business, she uses her powers for good and writes for TheTravel.com as well. In her spare time she does a lot of reading, likes to get out in nature, and is rediscovering her musical background. You can follow some of her adventures on Instagram here: @ashleighkatebaker.

Articles Published : 9