Australian Fast Food Chain Unleashes A Burger So Hot You'll Need To Sign A Waiver

If you love spicy food and you’re traveling down under, you’re in luck. Burger Urge in Australia just unveiled the searingly hot Double Decker Death Wish burger. The burger is reportedly so spicy it has to be cooked with protective goggles on.

"We have to take special precautions when we prep it — that alone tells me someone's in for a treat," Burger Urge Molendinar manager Dana Bradshaw told 9News.

The Double Decker Death Wish burger is made with habanero peppers, ghost chilis, and a secret hot sauce and includes two Angus beef patties, maple bacon, cheese, pickles, jalapeños, tomato, and lettuce. Ghost chilis, ranked the hottest chilis in the world, measure between 855,000 and 1,041,427 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), which are a measurement of the spiciness of chili peppers, or other spicy foods.

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The burger has been deemed so dangerous that customers have to sign a waiver and wear protective gear while eating it. “It's legitimately the hottest burger in Australia. Those ghost chilis are no joke,” Burger Urge managing director Sean Carthew told 9News. "It certainly separates the men from the boys." And the women from the girls, presumably.

Burger Urge, a Brisbane-based gourmet burger chain, was founded by brothers Sean and Colby Carthew in 2007, as a local restaurant on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. The restaurant chain serves burgers, wings, fries, salads, and various sides, as well as craft beers and cider, tap beer, milkshakes and soft drinks.

On Facebook, people have commented on the Burger Urge post regarding the Double Decker Death Wish burger more than ten thousand times, and many have expressed interest in taking the challenge. "I've been training my whole life for this moment," said one user. Another, who actually had the experience, commented, "Ok Burger Urge, I just ate your death wish burger, sorry to say it wasn't that hot. I didn't even break a sweat."

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Others, however, shied away from the feat. "No way would I do this, my brother rubbed ghost chili around the side of my glass last Christmas I took one little sip and I couldn't taste, I couldn't eat, my lips were numb and they swelled up for hours!" Laura May Gould said.

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Jonas Minturn, meanwhile, said, “Hahaha that burger deadly I started crying about halfway through but there are somethings you just gotta finish hahaha RIP MY TONGUE.”

The burger will be available at all 26 Burger Urge restaurants in Australia, therefore if you can stand the heat, get in the kitchen.

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