Australia is known for stunning coastal views, laidback surf culture, exotic wildlife, and Vegemite. Although much of the country is beautiful and the majority of locals are friendly, there are still some locations throughout Australia where the sun will never shine. Even in the heat of the scorching Aussie summers, these places have an eerie air of coldness about them.

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From abandoned asylums to old quarantine stations and mysterious watering holes, Australia is home to some pretty scary spots. Are they haunted or are they cursed? Check them out below!

10 Princess Theatre, Victoria

The Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Victoria, doesn’t look overly scary when you see it. Hosting some of the biggest shows in the country, it’s vibe is anything but haunted. But that’s because most people don’t know about the actor Frederick Federici, who died there.

Frederick had a heart attack just as his character fell through a trap door and died. Still, audience members swear they saw him taking his bow at the end of the performance. There have been sightings of Frederick at the theatre since. According to Now to Love, the Princess Theatre still saves a seat for the ghost every opening night.

9 Adelaide Arcade, South Australia

The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is a quaint and beautiful city with a selection of heritage buildings and is sometimes the setting for filming locations. Adelaide Arcade, which stands in the heart of the city’s most famous shopping mall, is one of these picturesque buildings, but it also hides a dark past.

Pedestrian TV explains that three ghosts are said to haunt the arcade, which is now lined with shops. One supposedly belongs to the old caretaker, who was crushed in an electrical generator in 1887. The next is of a woman who was shot by her husband near the arcade in 1904. The last ghost is said to belong to a boy who suffocated from coal gas in the arcade in 1902.

8 Port Arthur, Tasmania

The village of Port Arthur in Tasmania is now known as one of the grimmest locations in Australia. In 1883, Port Arthur became a prison settlement for male convicts from Britain. Many described it as “hell on earth” and it posed some of the worst conditions of any prison in the Empire. More than 2,000 ghosts have since been sighted there.

Tragically, in 1996, Port Arthur was the scene of the worst gun massacre in Australian history. A crazed gunman killed 35 people in the village, provoking a historic change in Australia’s gun laws. Thankfully, the country has not experienced a major shooting since.

7 Sydney’s Quarantine Station, New South Wales

The stunning view of the harbor isn’t enough to ward off the creepy vibe at Sydney’s Q Station, which is located on the North Head of Manly Beach. Although today it just looks like an antiquated house, it is actually thought to be one of the most haunted places in Australia.

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The Quarantine Station was where migrants arriving in Australia were interred in horrible conditions. Before that, the land was used for burial rituals by local Indigenous tribes. You can now take ghost tours of the site, but only if you’re brave enough.

6 Devil’s Pool, Queensland

There’s nothing inherently scary about Devil’s Pool unless you know the local legends. According to an Aboriginal Dreamtime story, a married woman named Oolana once lived in the area and fell in love with a man called Dyga, who was from another tribe. The two lovers were confronted by her husband at Devil’s Pool, where Oolana jumped into the water, hoping Dyga would follow. But he left with his tribe instead.

Today, 16 young men (most of them backpackers) have lost their lives in the watering hole. Locals believe the spirit of Oolana pulls them into the water, making them pay for the way Dyga scorned her.

5 Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia

Any building that was once an asylum for the criminally insane has an eerie vibe, and the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia is no different. It was built in the year 1860 by convicts and later turned into an asylum where a lot of people lived in misery.

Today, there are said to be at least 10 ghosts that haunt the halls of the arts center. Visitors report feeling a coldness in the air and hearing banging noises along with strange voices while inside the building.

4 St. John’s Orphanage, New South Wales

St. John’s Orphanage is another site that’s considered among the most haunted in Australia. Running from 1913 to 1978, the orphanage was over-packed during the years of World War II, when it took on more than 2,500 orphans.

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Run by the Catholic church and the Sisters of Mercy, the orphanage was not the kind of place you wanted to be. Children were abused and neglected by the strict and unloving nuns. According to 7 News Australia, the building is now often vandalized and damaged. Some believe that the ghosts of the children still roam inside.

3 Kapunda Cemetery, South Australia

South Australia is home to the town of Kapunda, which is thought of by some to be the most haunted location in the entire country. There are several sites within the town that are particularly creepy, including the Kapunda Hotel and the Kapunda Cemetery.

The cemetery is located near St. John’s Reformatory, where orphan girls were housed in terrible conditions between 1897 and 1909. Fast forward to 1980, and 15 students claimed that they saw a ghostly girl holding a lantern emerge from one of the graves in the cemetery.

2 Aradale Mental Hospital, Victoria

A lot of awful things went down at the Aradale Mental Hospital. Just like a horror movie, people were kept in straitjackets and forced to undergo procedures such as electro-shock therapy. Anyone who was mentally ill was committed starting from 1867, all the way to the 1990s, when it was abandoned.

13,000 people lost their lives in the asylum, so it’s no wonder than the building is thought to be haunted today. Some believe that one of the spirits who stayed on is of a nurse, who watches over the ghost tours that come through.

1 Acacia Hills, Northern Territory

The Acacia Hills in the Northern Territory aren’t home to ghosts (that we know of), but they could be the grounds of something even more sinister. Following the death of a local pet dog in the area, investigators came in to respond to claims that there had been a humanoid hairy beast sighted nearby.

Some locals believe that this creature is the Big Foot-like Yowie of Aboriginal legend. The history of the area shows that several dogs and goats have been killed. While it could be dingoes responsible, it’s possible that the legendary Yowie isn’t just a legend after all.

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