Unless you were blessed with the curse of actually being born thousands of miles away from the rest of the world in the skin-burning, insect-ridden, dropbear-sanctuary that is the land down under, odds are that you're probably yet to visit.

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That being said, despite its isolation, Australia sits high atop the majority of travelers' bucket lists, beckoning adventurers with its stunning ecological diversity, thriving arts and culture scenes, world-class cities, and tantalizing Tim Tams. However, as with most places, certain spots can receive so much attention they become severely overhyped - simultaneously allowing the hidden gems to fly under the radar.

10 Overrated: Eureka Tower Skydeck

Sky-high observation decks exist in close to every popular tourist city across the globe. New York boasts the Empire State Building, Toronto’s got the CN Tower, Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, and so on and so forth. The issue with ascending these skyscrapers and looking down on the little ant-sized cars and people below, however, is that you’re missing out of the focal point of the skyline. Why? Because you’re standing in it.

Aside from that, the Eureka Tower Skydeck is also overpriced, usually crowded, and is built with an obscure design full of oddly-angled floors which can only be described as disorientating.

9 Hidden Gem: Rialto (Lui Bar)

If stellar views of Melbourne from above is what you’re after (with the city’s tallest building included in the view), then avoid the Eureka Tower Skydeck, save your pennies, and head to Lui Bar instead. As long as you make a purchase, access to the 55th-floor cocktail bar is totally free - and the birds-eye vistas that overlook Melbourne and beyond are simply a bonus.

If 55 floors simply doesn’t satisfy your craving for dizzying heights, then there’s always the option to ascend to the Rialto’s very own observation deck. Before Eureka was built, the Rialto held the title of Melbourne’s tallest building, so its observation deck is well-regarded.

8 Overrated: Luna Park (Melbourne)

From world-class coffee culture to a dynamic sporting calendar and a constantly thriving arts scene, Melbourne has an abundance of traits to be proud of. Luna Park, however, isn’t one of them. While its facade might be iconic, behind the giant, novelty clown face is a sub-par, rickety, disappointing amusement park that’s closed more than it’s open.

By all means, snap a couple of selfies in front of the clown, stroll around the cake-tastic Akland street around the corner, and catch a glimpse of the penguins at St Kilda beach - but please, don’t bother with any of the rides inside Luna Park itself.

7 Hidden Gem: Water Sports / skydiving at Port Phillip Bay

If the high-speed thrills of roller coasters and that feeling of powerful wind running through your hair sounds like an ideal way to spend an afternoon, instead of wasting your time and money at Luna Park, indulge in one of the many adventurous activities on offer by Port Phillip Bay.

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Assuming the water isn’t too chilly, outdoor enthusiasts can try their hand at standup-paddle boarding down at Sandringham Beach, or test their craft windsurfing in Port Melbourne. If those seem a touch too tame, for the ultimately fearless, there’s always the option to freefall out of a plane from 15,000 feet above St Kilda Beach.

6 Overrated: Luna Park (Sydney)

That’s right, folks. As if one overrated Luna Park location wasn’t enough, the fat cats down under went ahead and made a second - because why not? On the northern shore of Sydney Harbour at Milsons Point, you'll find the heritage-listed amusement park.

The fact that it was built in the 1930s might come across as impressive at first, however, when you consider that a number of the rides and structures date back to before most of us set foot on this planet, it becomes rather worrying. Plus, despite being smack-bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour, it’s notoriously annoying to reach (usually by ferry).

5 Hidden Gem: The Gold Coast theme parks

If you’re heading to the land of Oz in search of quality amusement parks, there’s only one place that should be on your map - the Gold Coast. With weather that seldom disappoints, the sunny Queensland region provides tons of fun with a wide variety of theme parks.

For kids of any age or kids at heart, no matter what your interests are, there’s something for everyone. Movie-lovers can rejoice at MovieWorld, those looking to cool off can choose between Wet N Wild or WhiteWaterWorld, the ultimate thrill-seekers can ride the Tower of Terror or Giant Drop at Dreamworld, or you can even swim with dolphins at Seaworld. Better yet, opt for a 3-park pass!

4 Overrated: Bondi Beach

Sure, the postcard-worthy, inner-city beach might market itself as an icon of both Sydney and wider Australia, however, that doesn’t mean that its reputation isn’t heavily inflated - because trust us, it is. The convenience factor is exaggerated - in reality, it actually takes a train and a bus to reach Bondi Beach from the Sydney CBD - and the sheer number of visitors turns this would-be paradise into an overcrowded tourist colony.

Plus, as if Sydney wasn’t already exorbitantly expensive, there are extra hike-ups at nearby restaurants and shops, for being in a highly-trafficked tourist hub.

3 Hidden Gem: Manly Beach

For those on a quick trip to Sydney whose idea of a perfect holiday is a strong tan and a quiet stretch of sand, head out of the hustle and bustle of Bondi and move north to Manly Beach.

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It’s just a short ferry ride from Circular Quay, which means that before you reach the crashing waves, soft sand, and glowing sun, you’ll be able to snap a few Insta-worthy pics of the infamous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge while on board.

2 Overrated: Canberra

Just because Canberra is the political capital of the land down under, that doesn’t mean that it should be high atop any traveler’s bucket list. Ask any Australian: Canberra is home to Questacon, an impressively interactive science museum, the Australian National University and the Australian Parliament House, and that’s it.

Compared to the other major cities - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth - Canberra is often regarded as lacking any significant culture or personality. It’s not close to any major beaches, the festivities are few and far between, and the nightlife isn’t much to right home about, unfortunately.

1 Hidden Gem: Batemans Bay

If the road trip playlist is in full swing and you’re making the trek from Sydney down to Melbourne or vice versa, then opt for a scenic detour. It might add a few hours onto the journey by taking the coastal route, however, if time is your friend, then the continuous vistas and quaint seaside towns scattered across the NSW and Victorian coasts are well worth the delay.

One of the more picturesque (and larger) towns along the way, welcoming any travelers for a quick stop, is Batemans Bay. Here, visitors are blessed with stunning beaches and plentiful snorkeling opportunities.

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