No matter where in the world you are, there's a pretty good chance that there's a McDonald's somewhere nearby. The fast-food chain has spread to 118 countries, with three additional ones in the works. There are some staple menu items that can be bought everywhere, like french fries (though the sizing is drastically different outside of America), but a lot of things are completely different. For example, there are plenty of things that can only be found in a specific continent, like Europe, or a specific country, like Israel or Russia.

In Australia, McDonald's is known as Macca's, and it has some unique menu items that would make most Americans jealous if they knew about them. This list features some of the best ones!

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10 10. Gravy Loaded Fries

McDonald's french fries are ranked at the top of the fast-food fry chart for most people. They're already amazing on their own in all of their golden, salty glory, but around the world, they're served in a ton of different ways! Loaded fries are an item available in China, New Zealand, and Australia. In China, they come smothered in one of three sauces: tomato-basil, bacon-cheese, or garlic pepper. In New Zealand, the bacon-cheese sauce is joined by sweet chili and pepper toppings.

Australian McDonald's serves their signature fries slathered in a delicious brown gravy sauce.

9 9. Ham & Cheese Pocket

Not to be confused with a ham and cheese toastie, the ham and cheese pocket is a melt that consists of warm, melted Coon cheese and ham wrapped up in a tortilla. It can be bought any time between when the restaurant opens until midnight, so it's available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any sudden cravings in between.

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It's somewhat reminiscent of a frozen American food called a Hot Pocket, except it seems like it might be a step up, in terms of food quality - no offense to Hot Pockets, of course.

8 8. Toast

There are two different types of toast available on the average Australian McDonald's menu. Sourdough toast with butter and jam is pictured above. It's a toasted sourdough bun covered in butter and strawberry jam. The other option is raisin toast with butter, which is a delicious piece of toasted bread packed with raisins and spices, coated in butter.

Toast isn't exactly the most revolutionary thing in the world. It isn't one of a kind, and it isn't something that you can't make for yourself at home. It is, however, something that can't be found in the average McDonald's in America.

7 7. Cheesecake

Have you ever gotten cheesecake from McDonald's? Probably not. Australians are lucky enough to be able to roll up whenever the mood strikes them and walk out with a miniature cheesecake! There are a few different flavors including Cookies and Cream, Raspberry, and Passionfruit, which is shown above.

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Cookies and Cream consists of a chocolatey base with cookie bits and white chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Raspberry is a classic tangy cheesecake with a swirl of raspberry jam on top. Passionfruit is covered in a dollop of passionfruit flavored topping with passionfruit seeds - and set on a coconut biscuit crumb base, which makes it completely gluten-free!

6 6. Grape Tomatoes

Ordering vegetables at McDonald's isn't an entirely foreign concept in America since the majority of the establishments offer salads, even if they aren't exactly recommended by many people. However, a box of grape tomatoes might seem a bit strange to the average American, especially since it doesn't appear to be pre-packaged with any dipping sauce - though there are a ton of options available on request, of course.

The Australian produce is obviously gluten-free, so that's a plus, and anyone who's health-conscious will probably be excited about having a guaranteed low-calorie option available at any point after 10:30 in the morning!

5 5. Babyccino

The babyccino is becoming an increasingly common find in cafés, but its origins are the subject of a hearted debate between Australia and New Zealand. Each country claims ownership of the original idea and, like most arguments of its nature, there doesn't seem to be anything that pushes the needle any further toward either side. The important thing, however, is that you can order a babyccino at the majority of McDonald's throughout Australia.

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Maybe you're a little confused about exactly what a babyccino is, so for the uninitiated, it's a simple drink that consists of warm milk that's been frothed up by steam, topped with either cinnamon or cocoa powder. It's a good alternative to a cappuccino or a caffè latte for kids or anyone who's sensitive to caffeine.

4 4. Macarons

In case it isn't obvious, Australian McDonald's is miles (or kilometers) ahead of the average American McDonald's when it comes to dessert options. If miniature cheesecake and Caramello McFlurry aren't enough proof of that, then a macaron should be.

In a lot of the USA, macarons are an uncommon find outside of specialty shops and the frozen food aisle. The idea that they're readily available at McDonald's - and in a variety of flavors no less - in Australia is absolutely mind-blowing. The three flavors available are salted caramel, which is pictured above, chocolate, and mango.

3 3. McFeast

Burgers are one of the foods that America is most recognized for, which is actually a little strange, considering that they didn't actually originate there. It's a little weird to think about a country having a burger that America doesn't have, but it's actually a pretty common occurrence at McDonald's around the world.

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Australia has the McFeast burger, which is apparently one of the country's favorites. It consists of a single beef patty, cheese, a slice of tomato, lettuce, pickles, and three different sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard) on a sesame seed bun.

2 2. Toasties

There's a bit of discontent between Americans and Australians about whether the proper term for this type of sandwich is 'grilled cheese' or 'toastie' - and the rabbit hole gets even deeper when you learn about the people who think that adding anything other than cheese, mayo, and butter to a grilled cheese automatically qualifies it as a melt.

No matter what your opinion is, the sandwiches available at McDonald's Australia are called toasties. They come in four different varieties that are consist of some combination of cheese, ham, and a slice of tomato, served on golden brown sourdough toast.

1 1. Frozen Fanta McSpiders

Generally speaking, the word "spider" used in reference to anything vaguely related to Australia is going to lead to something creepy. However, McDonald's is changing the game on that front too, with it's Frozen soft drink-based drink, the McSpider.

Frozen Fanta already sounds like a delicious treat, so what could possibly make it any better? Add soft serve vanilla ice cream. Oh, and offer a handful of different flavors, including lime, vanilla, blueberry, raspberry, mango, peach, pineapple, and grape.

Anyone who isn't into fruit flavored sodas will be relieved to know that there's a classic Coke option, too.

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