The massive size and open geopolitical structure make the US one of the best places to go on an ATV tour. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are considered perfect for adventures since they allow travelers to enjoy a near-360-degree unobstructed view of their surroundings. The design of quad bikes ensures safety and resilience in the toughest terrains. Additionally, the adrenaline-fueled adventures are budget-friendly. Couples, families, and groups looking to explore the United States on ATVs won't go wrong with any of the following adventures.

10 Las Vegas ATV Tours

The city of Las Vegas is popular for its urban vibrancy. What many don't know is that its outskirts have an amazing landscape, perfect for exploring on an all-terrain vehicle. Travelers looking to explore the Las Vegas dunes will enjoy this beginner-friendly tour. Safety and communication are the top factors for this adventure. Travelers should meet at the Strip so that they are grouped and transported to the departure site. The trip lasts for about two hours and does not require the guests to carry any gear.

  • Cost: About $110

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9 The ATV Xperience

This private ATV tour through the outskirts of Las Vegas is one of the most memorable experiences for groups and couples. Its trail follows some of the city's most rugged dirt tracks. Guests don't need prior experience since they are guided throughout the trail. The personalized experience sets this tour apart from the competition. The organizers allow tourists to modify the trip experience within the limits of safety.

  • Cost: About $127

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8 ATV Tours At Nellis Dunes

With the Nellis Sand Dunes, tourists can escape the chaotic casino life of Las Vegas for a more muted and natural experience. This off-highway recreation area is perfect for first-time and expert riders since it has all kinds of challenges. Travelers will undergo safety and riding training before the tour commences. They'll enjoy watching and riding through beautiful sand dunes that cover more than 10,000 acres of Clark County. And that makes this tour a unique way to experience Las Vegas.

  • Cost: About $199

7 ATV Tour Of Western Sedona

A guided tour through western Sedona will allow tourists to unleash their inner adventurer. They'll ride down a desert trail in the middle of red-rock bluffs, trees, steep canyon walls, and vistas. The entire trail is largely deserted, which is an awesome experience away from unnecessary attention. Sedona is popular as a great filming location. Riders will have the opportunity to view and explore all these scenes as they drive to the top of Skeleton Bone Mountain. The organizers provide snacks and bottled water to keep the guests energetic.

  • Cost: About $238.53

6 Sidewinder ATV Training Tour

Beginners who want to tour the wildest areas in Arizona on an ATV should check out this great adventure. They'll be subjected to personalized training before they start the tour. The training is hands-on such that an adventurer is completely comfortable when the fun begins. It includes safety operations and a test course called "The Sidewinder." The guests will be ready to navigate the bumps, turns, and hills in no time. The trail goes through dirt roads, bushes, rocks, and other hostile settings.

  • Cost: About $51

5 Wilds Of Alaska Classic ATV Adventure

Alaska is commonly associated with freezing temperatures and a generally inhospitable environment. An ATV ride is the best way to enjoy what different places in Alaska have to offer. This place is meant to be experienced in a rough and wild manner. ATV tours allow guests to navigate the backcountry and Alaskan tundra. They can stop for photos to enjoy the amazing scenery, such as the Dry Creek Riverbed and Black Diamond Peak.

  • Cost: About $119.95

4 Glenwood Springs ATV Tours

Colorado has some of the best views of the Rocky Mountains. There's no better way to enjoy this experience than on an ATV tour. Explorers won't be riding blind as they'll undergo a comprehensive tutorial that includes safety training. On completion, they'll be guided through 6,000 acres of private land where they can pause to take pictures and make videos of the mountains, flora, fauna, and the roaring river. This tour is perfect for tourists that want to see the Glenwood Canyon from a new perspective.

  • Cost: About $145

3 New River Gorge Adventure

Many people don't necessarily think of West Virginia in the context of wild ATV tours. Adrenaline seekers are subjected to a brief orientation before venturing into the muddy trails and forested landscape. They get to see all kinds of local wildlife and can take photos. The hosts will offer beverages along the way to keep the fun lovers hydrated.

  • Cost: About $179.49

2 Centipede Tour Of The Arizona Desert

A single-rider ATV tour is a great way to understand why the Sonoran Desert is iconic. Safety is a key consideration for the organizers, which explains why the tour is guided. The trails are rocky and rugged, which makes the experience memorable. There are lots of amazing views along the trail, including the Aqua Fria River and Bradshaw Mountains. The guides are instructed to ensure that the guests get the most out of the trip by exposing them to unique plant life, wildlife, and historical sites. Adventure gear such as helmets, gloves, bottled water, and goggles are provided.

  • Cost: About $99

1 Polynesian ATV Tour

ATV adventures don't have to be restricted to the mainland. The Polynesian region offers some of the best ATV adventures. This particular tour is based in Holualoa in Hawaii. It's the perfect opportunity to experience the wonders of this beautiful island. The entire tour is guided, which ensures that adventurers are safe and get some educational exposure to the local history and culture. The tour follows well-established trails inside small villages, forests, and the country. It takes approximately 2.5 hours.

  • Cost: About $209.26