Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio and it is one of the premier theme parks you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. It is full of spectacular rides, as well as several amazing shows and other activities for guests to enjoy. The coasters are the main attraction and there are some that you can't leave without riding at least once.

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This amusement park on the coast of Lake Erie was made just for you, especially when you take into account the various types of roller coasters. There are tall ones, fast ones, and ones that will flip you in every direction. Keep reading to learn about the ten coasters you have to ride at Cedar Point!

10 10. Wicked Twister

This ride is one of the best at Cedar Point because the lines are generally fairly short and the ride itself is amazing. It shoots you forward and backward with your legs dangling, so your seat placement really does make a difference.

If you can manage to keep your eyes open there are some great views of Lake Erie as it is situated right next to the beach. It is a great starter coaster for the day and one of those that you could ride again and again before deciding to move onto something else.

9 9. Gatekeeper

The entire experience you have while riding this coaster is utterly unique because you are actually situated on opposite sides of the track with your legs dangling beneath you. It simulates a Griffon's flight pattern as you dive and soar to new heights while hanging onto your seat like your life depends on it.

It reaches a speed of 67-mph and rotates you 180-degrees up in the air. You will be mesmerized by the pattern it takes through the air, and if you're lucky, there won't be a long line ahead of you.

8 8. Top Thrill Dragster

It might take a pep talk from your friends to get you to step in line for this coaster because it hits 120 mph in just 3.8 seconds. You can watch from the ground below as people are thrown back in their seats at the end of the countdown and screams erupt in the air.

It only lasts for 17 seconds, but it will be the best 17 seconds of your entire life. The 90-degree incline can look daunting to any first-timer, but after you do it once, you will be hopping back in line for a second go at this speed machine.

7 7. Ocean Motion

There are those who will probably say this is a kid's ride, but don't hate it until you try it. This ship will swing you back and forth until you reach a height of 65 feet in the air. You can see the sights while enjoying the ride, or focus on keeping your breakfast in your stomach.

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You will feel your body drop as it swings you back and forth in the air like no other ride at Cedar Point is able to do. The best part is that it is safe for kids who are at least 39" tall, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

6 6. Rougarou

This floorless coaster will send you flying at speeds of 60 mph with a drop of 137 feet. There are always screams coming from this ride as it brings out the fear in everyone who ventures into its line.

You won't know what hit you the second it takes off as you speed through this predators swamp and hunting grounds. It is not for the faint of heart, which is why it's the perfect ride for you to try when you visit this amusement park.

5 5. Snake River Falls

If you're looking to cool off at some point in the day it 's worth taking a trip down Snake River Falls. This epic water ride will send you flying down an 82-foot drop in a passenger boat that will have you soaked in seconds.

The boat will reach a top speed of 40 mph and the anticipation of the event as you make your way to the top will have your adrenaline spiking. It is a great way to spend the middle of a hot summer day when the beating sun becomes too much to bear on your skin.

4 4.  Millennium Force

The Millenium Force debuted back in 2000 and it is still one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point. You can expect to wait in a long line before having the chance to ride this beast of a coaster. It tops out at 300 feet and reaches top speeds of 93 mph that would scare the pants off of anyone.

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The ride starts with chugging you up to the top of the long drop, so you can have a full view of the park before it sends you flying to what feels like your premature death. There are lagoons and tunnels, but be warned that one of them comes with an interesting twist.

3 3. MaXair

This coaster involves spinning, heights, and a ton of screaming when you hurtle back toward the Earth. You board with the other passengers, then pull down on your harness to begin the fun. It starts out slow as you gain more altitude with each swing, as your stomach drops every single time you reach a peak.

It reaches a height of 140 feet and follows a 120-degree path, so adrenaline is guaranteed to rush through your system. This is another ride many people typically start their adventure on because it makes for a great warmup ride.

2 2. Raptor

This ride will take you round 3,790 feet of track and through a 100-foot vertical loop that will have your head spinning. You will fly through the air at a speed of 57 mph that will have your adrenaline spiking before you even take off from the starting gate.

Your feet dangle below you throughout the ride while the harness straps you in. It will also provide you with a full two minutes of enjoyment. The best time to ride is at night after they turn on the exterior lights because it will add a sense of beauty to your thrill ride.

1 1. Valravn

This coaster was just added in 2016 and it has been a hit ever since it opened. You are lined up in rows of seats and sent 223 feet above the ground in the adventure of a lifetime. You take a dive at a 90-degree angle and also experience a 270-degree roll, which is more than you bargained for.

The several dives combined with the twists and turns allow for an exhilarating adventure that you won't experience anywhere else. The Valravn is calling your name, and you know in your heart it is your destiny to ride it.

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