There are a lot of airports that are located all around the world, and many of them are pretty busy (but that is not the case all the time). Lots of those airports also have some rather cool things for people to do while they are awaiting their flights, which is nice since flight delays and cancellations can be really common.

But out of all the airports around the world, the busiest one is probably not located where one might think it would be. According to, the busiest airport in the entire world is in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is called Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


In fact, this airport has been considered the busiest one in the world since 1998. There are a lot of fun things people can do there, so waiting on a flight probably does not seem like much of a problem at this place. Here are some cool ways to pass the time at this airport.

Enjoy The Art

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is not really like any other airport that most travelers are used to visiting. There is definitely no shortage of interesting things to do and see there.

This particular airport is really a visual feast for anyone who stops by since there are lots of really cool works of art there. Also, this place is known for hosting things like local musicians, according to They also have numerous exhibits that are a permanent fixture there, as well as some that are only there for a limited amount of time.

The artwork there is truly amazing, and it is definitely something that a person should see at least once in their lifetime. This place is good for a lot more than just catching a flight.

There Is A Spa

Since this airport is the busiest one in the entire world, navigating it might be kind of hard. Plus, those who go there probably want to check out everything the place has to offer, which could mean that they are in a bit of a hurry to get to each area, and still make it back to where they need to be to get on their flight in time.

Those situations can be quite stressful, so that is why going to the spa that is located there might be a good idea. According to, this place is called XpresSpa. Dealing with flights and airports can be really stressful, but going to the spa and relaxing can really help a lot. There probably aren’t many airports that offer things like that.

There Are Lots Of Bookstores

Books are amazing. Not only are they able to help people learn, but they are also a great way to pass some time, which is something people tend to need to do a lot of when they are at an airport. So, it makes a lot of sense for there to be a bookstore in an airport.

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While some airports do have stores that have shelves with a few books and magazines on them, the world’s busiest airport actually has numerous bookstores according to When people go in them, it seems possible that they might forget the fact that they’re in an airport, since these stores look like something one would find in a mall or a shopping center. Places like this are a great place to chill out while waiting on a flight.

Guests Can Get Some Makeup

There are probably very few airports that give guests the chance to be some makeup that has a lot of quality to it, but that is something people can do at this place. It seems that there are plenty of good spots for a person to get things like that there, including M.A.C. Cosmetics, according to

Those who have the chance to visit a store like that should never pass it up since it seems like they sell some great products. There are also some facts about that place that makeup fans might find interesting, such as the fact that it all got started because someone wasn’t happy with the way makeup looked in pictures. Another fun fact about this store is that people started noticing it because Madonna used their products.

Guests Can Check Out Some High-End Stores For Clothing And Accessories

This place might offer its’ guests some truly outstanding spots to see artwork, get spa treatments done, and pick up great makeup, but that’s not all this place has to offer. Those who are in need of some clothing or accessories also have access to a few really high-end shops at this airport.

Those who are looking to pass some time before their next flight by shopping in nice shops can check out places like Coach, Bvlgari, and Michael Kors while they are there.

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