Just like people associate the Eiffel Tower with Paris, the Coliseum with Rome, and the Empire State Building with New York City, travelers heading to Athens tend to think most of the Acropolis.

That totally makes sense since this landmark is full of ancient beauty and it feels like you absolutely must see it if you're traveling to this city in Greece. It's a landmark that shows up in photos and on social media quite a lot. But if you focus on the Acropolis alone, you could miss out on some other epic things, and there are some other activities that will make your vacation perfect.


Read on to find out some other things that the European city of Athens has to offer tourists.

Visit The Nice Neighborhood Of Kolonaki

A user on Reddit recommends that tourists head over to Kolonaki, which is a really nice neighborhood. They described it as "very upscale, and beautiful yet much less touristy than the surrounding regions at the bottom of the hill" and said that there are places to shop that are really fancy but worth it. According to Athens Key, you can find a lot of jewelry on a street called Voukourestiou as it is well-known for that.

The best part is that you could spend the whole morning, afternoon, and evening in this neighborhood. You could spend the morning and afternoon visiting cafes and shopping and then find a lovely place to enjoy dinner.

Since Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, it makes sense that you really have a huge number of restaurants to pick from, including in the Kolonaki neighborhood. One option is Kiouzin, and from this photo, it seems that you could order a burger and fries along with some more traditional Greek food. A Trip Advisor review points out that there is delicious olive oil ice cream here.

Go To The National Archaeological Museum

While the Acropolis is most closely associated with Gerek history and culture, there are other things that this city offers tourists. Spend an afternoon at The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. According to Lonely Planet, you'll see artifacts, frescoes, pottery, and sculptures. The time period of the exhibits spans from the Neolithic to the Classical period.

This Trip Advisor review mentions that it's a great experience visiting this museum: "If you like museums, and you like history, I believe this one is a must-visit. Greek is a place with thousands of years of history. And myths. And culture. So it is very "convenient" to see pretty much of all those in one place." From the photo on the left, we can see that the surrounding area is really nice, and so it looks like a peaceful place to take a stroll as well.

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Little Kook Is Decorated To The Nines (And Has Great Desserts, Too)

Would you associate a coffee shop that has really fun, whimsical, and pretty decorations with Athens, Greece? Probably not, which is exactly why this should be a tourist destination. Europe is known for having a huge cafe culture and this one stands out for sure. Chances are, you're going to want to snap a lot of photos while spending some time here.

According to Goats On The Road, tourists traveling to Athens should definitely see Little Kook. It's a cafe that really does it up for Halloween and other holidays. According to a Trip Advisor review, it appeals to people of all ages: "this is a place that for sure you will want to take a look if you are with kids. But it is also really nice for adults. The highlight is the decoration but the desserts are also at the same level." Another review said that it's "straight out of a fairy tale."

This would also be a fun place to go if you were visiting Greece around the Christmas holidays since that's such a great time of year for decorations, but it seems like they do a great job for every holiday. Order pancakes, hot chocolate, carrot cake, brownies, or more treats. And definitely take a lot of pictures in order to remember it.

Planning a trip to Athens, Greece? Instead of heading straight to the Acropolis, check out these three other things that will make for a fun trip: go to a fancy neighborhood (and one of its best restaurants), check out a great museum, and try a fun cafe with desserts and unique decor.

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