The 10 Best Cities In Asia For Pokémon Go Players To Explore

Three years on and Pokémon Go is still going strong,  with new events regularly taking place around the globe providing trainers with the chance to catch those Pokémon that have eluded them still. Asia is unique in that it is home to the super-rare regional Pokémon and fan-favorite Farfetch'd. In addition, these cities are filled with a wide range of varying features like temples, lakes, and parks and therefore provide a wide range of Poké-habitats and ultimately species for you to collect while also experiencing the beauty they have to offer.

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So whether your a seasoned pro, just beginning to fill your Pokedex or simply looking for a reason to get out and walk around more then these cities will have something for you.

10 Taipei, Taiwan

A city known for striving to maintain its biodiversity despite being a dense metropolis, Taipei is a must go on any trainer's list due to its variety of Pokémon habitats. New Taipei metropolitan park alone is filled with an assortment of species for you to collect in both it's grassland and near it's stunning waterfalls inhabited by water-based types.

The city and its surrounding area is filled with tourist attractions, old streets, mountains, and skyscrapers, notably Taipei 101 which also happens to be a Pokégym. The city embraces the phenomenon and hosts regular events, one having happened this year releasing the rare Heracross and attracting over 300,000 trainers, all hoping to catch em all.

9 Tokyo, Japan

What better place to seek out Pokémon than where it all began back in 1995? Trainers may visit the city area, Shibuya, in search of a wide variety to catch including Jigglypuff, Electrabuzz, and Koffing. The city helps trainers in their quest as it is filled with Pokéstops where one can refill, pick up trainer XP boosts and engage in raids. One might also seek out Shinjuku Station West Exit to check out the aptly named 'Pokémon Square', a space brimming with trainers so you can count on a lure being used.

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Senso-Ji temple is another must-see, filled with a wide variety also and the super-rare classic Blastoise can be found there while the three teams battle for one of Tokyo's most competitive and exciting gyms, with control constantly switching.

8 Delhi, India

Delhi is filled with prime Pokémon-Go locations with a high number of Pokéstops and gyms. Particularly good spots include Lodhi Garden, Connaught place, Humagun's tomb, and India gate, all of which are highly popular as they are filled with a wide variety of species and include a large number of gyms as many temples have been made into stops and gyms.

At India gate, for example, the rare Kabuto can be found. At Lodhi garden with its 20 plus Pokéstops, rare water-based Pokémon can be found along with the inclusive stunning scenery.

7 Bangkok, Thailand

At the home of another region-exclusive Torkoal is another must for trainers littered with Pokéstops and Gyms. A large number of species reside at the beautiful Lumpini park, easily accessed by metro and having seven gyms. Water-based Pokémon can be found on the artificial lake, even renting a boat for those really invested. You might even find Komodo dragons and turtles if you take the time to look up.

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From the park you can easily get the train to Central World, a shopping plaza filled with mid to upper-level Pokémon. You can also take to the plaza's high-traffic Gym to test your Pokémon against others when you're not buying merchandise.

6 Singapore, Singapore

Two extremely rare Pokemon were released here in Singapore's safari zone, Sentosa Island taking the form of both shiny Lapras and Shuckles. Sentosa, known for its tropical landscapes and beautiful beaches is the perfect place to track down these rarities.

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Singapore also has a group of zoological parks such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site where typical of parks, you can find a variety of Pokémon (and real animals) and malls, particularly ION Orchard which is home to many unusual finds and has partnered with Pokémon Go, setting up Pokéstations and lures.

5 Manila, Philippines

Metro Manila, which is the name for both the city Manila and its densely packed surrounding area, is another gem on any trainer's radar. The high density of the city results, obviously, in many Pokéstops, lure usage, etc. The local population is highly enthusiastic about the game and have groups on sites like Facebook to arrange raids, with both their neighbors and tourists alike.

Just north of metro Manila is Quezcon City, easily accessible by train and is well known to have the most diverse spawns in the Philippines including Unowns making a trip there a must.

4 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Typically, the best areas are those that are densely packed and are composed of many landmarks (POI's) in conjunction with the games mechanics. In Dhaka, however, there are few such landmarks meaning instead of trainers travelling around a city, moving from landmark to landmark, they are all centered around Dhaka University. The area is typically filled with Pokéstops and people creating a nice community, working with or against other groups for control of the Gyms and teaming up for group raids.

3 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bukit Bintang, a highly popular tourist area filled with malls, fashion venues, live music etc is a great spot for tourists and trainers alike. Here, one can easily find Pokémon, Lures, Pokéstops and other goodies. Similarly Publika is another great spot, similar in many ways to Bukit Bintang, filled with resturants, malls and therefore unsurprisingly a large number of Pokéstops, Gyms etc.

Negara Zoo is another great spot for trainers and those who fancy retreating from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unsurprisingly, it is filled with Pokéstops, though it should be noted that there is an entrance fee to the zoo itself.

2 Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone data is notably cheap here and luckily for trainers, Hanoi is filled to the brim with Pokémon, including the rare Corola, found mostly around the coast. The local community is highly active, there are Pokéstops and gyms scattered all around the city. Some notable locations include: Sealdah Station, which includes six Pokéstops, four Gyms and therefore a high spawn rate, Esplanade which has many Pokémon due to the high congestion and almost always has lures active, Nandan which also includes numerous Pokéstops and is home to various types of monsters for you to collect and Hoan Kien Lake where there is a massive amount of Pokéstops, spawns and gyms with a notable local population.

1 Mumbai, India

Mumbai should be on anyone's list but especially for beginner trainers who want to encounter a diverse range of common and rare species. The Gateway of India, for example, is arguably India's best location where one can find species including Slowpoke, Charizard and Pidgeot. At Shivaji Park, trainers will come across an abundance of grass types and water types, and at Gowalia Tank Maidan you will easily encounter Pikachus, Raichus, and Blastoise and at the Marine Drive promenade, trainers can easily capture dozens of water-based Pokémon.

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