There are a ton of places in Asia that people love to visit. From different big cities to more rural towns and beaches, there are a lot of areas that are on the bucket lists of many travelers. Considering they have such a unique culture and so many things to see, it's definitely no surprise!

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However, Asia is like any other region in the world, and there are definitely some things that visitors should watch out for when visiting. While there are a lot of wonderful places in Asia, there are also some that can be dangerous. They're still fine to visit, but visitors should express extra caution if they go to these places.

To see 10 of the most dangerous cities in Asia, keep reading!

10 Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to visiting Thailand, Bangkok is one of the first places that many visitors think about. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and home to a ton of shops, restaurants, and beautiful Thai temples.

But Bangkok, Thailand can also be a fairly dangerous place for tourists to visit. Much of the crime in Bangkok, like in other Asian cities, is typically non-confrontational. It mostly involves having belongings stolen either through pickpocketing or slicing open bags in order to remove things without drawing the tourist's attention.

9 Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a massive city on the western coast of India. This city has a population of over 20 million people in the metropolitan area. There are a lot of things for tourists to do when visiting Mumbai, like visiting historic sites and landmarks, eating some tasty Indian food, and visiting different museums. But, like with other large cities, it's important for visitors to exercise caution.

For the most part, Mumbai is actually a pretty safe city. Compared to some others, crime rates are a lot lower and visitors don't have much to worry about. Staying in the central parts of the city and sticking to tourist-friendly areas will definitely help to keep you safe. Venturing to the more poverty-stricken areas or popular celebration venues during holidays can increase the risk of danger for visitors.

8 Narathiwat, Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Asia that has a lot of things for visitors to do and see. Thai food has become a popular cuisine all around the world and going to the beach or visiting traditional Thai temples is a really popular reason to visit this country.

Unfortunately, there are some areas of the country that visitors need to be more careful with visiting. Narathiwat is a city in a Thai province by the same name. Recently, travelers were warned against visiting Narathiwat because of safety concerns, citing "civil unrest" as the main reason.

7 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and the largest city in this Asian country. It was founded in the 17th century as a Buddhist monastic center and has since grown to be a massive city and one that is pretty popular with tourists that want to experience Mongolia.

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Even though there are a lot of good things to do in Ulaanbaatar, visitors should be aware of their surroundings. While exercising caution when visiting any new place is always recommended, Ulaanbaatar is especially known for being dangerous. Concerns specifically involve people's purse or bag straps being cut and their belongings being taken.

6 Dhaka, Bangladesh

When it comes to tourism in Asian countries, Bangladesh isn't exactly the most popular destination. For people who want to visit a country not selected by many foreigners, Bangladesh can be a good one. That said, this country has had a spike in crime recently.

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Having your money, jewelry, or other personal property stolen is one concern while visiting the area. Being attacked, especially for women or people traveling around the city at night, is also a concern. If you choose to visit Bangladesh or Dhaka, be mindful of your surroundings.

5 Manila, Philippines

Manila is among the most popular cities in the Philippines among visitors. It's the capital city and there are a ton of things to do there, like visiting parks and going to different historical sites. However, visiting this city can be dangerous for some visitors, meaning that you definitely need to exercise caution.

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Although Manila is a beautiful city, there's also a slight crime problem that people need to be aware of. Gun violence is an issue in the Philippines and many people use children that ask for donations in order to lure visitors aside in order to attack or rob them.

4 Yangon, Myanmar

For the most part, Myanmar is a pretty safe country. Although there is obviously some crime, that's true of any country. Visiting Myanmar is a unique experience because this country's culture is so different from other nations.

Although violence isn't a big issue in cities like Yangon, scams are a different story. Visitors should be cautious when trying to shop from a vendor on the street because many of these merchants might drastically raise their prices or try to short change you.

3 HoChi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its rich history, unique culture, delicious cuisine, and a lot of things for visitors to do. There's definitely a reason that visitors might put Vietnam on their travel bucket list. Like most other countries, it's important to know the potential risks and dangers of visiting.

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In HoChi Minh City, Vietnam, there is some risk of crime, although most are non-violent. The dangers that most visitors might experience typically involve being pickpocketed or having their items stolen. This risk is increased in tourist-heavy areas and during holidays like Lunar New Year.

2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a city in Malaysia that has a lot of appeal to many visitors. Some things that can be fun to do in this Malaysian city include trying delicious local food, visiting museums and parks, and shopping for trinkets to take back home.

Even though Kuala Lumpur offers so many experiences for visitors, it's also among the most dangerous cities in Asia, so visitors need to make sure that they're careful and aware of their surroundings if they choose to visit. Having belongings stolen is among the most common crimes, but more violent crimes can also occur.

1 Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that many visitors put on their travel bucket lists. Indonesia's culture is a unique mixture of elements of other Asian countries, making this country an incredibly interesting and unique one for visitors.

Visiting Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, is definitely a fun experience for anyone that wants to go out and experience a new culture. As the city with the largest population in the country, crime is not uncommon and Jakarta can be dangerous for tourists. Many of the crimes reported here are robberies and pickpocketing, especially in tourist-heavy areas.

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