When looking for the ultimate beach vacation, Aruba is the perfect destination. The Caribbean island is considered to be a safe place to go, according to Oyster.com, and water from the tap is also okay to consume, which is good to know.

With so many beaches to choose from, where does a traveler even start? Of course, travelers want to know the best and most beautiful locations so they can get the most out of their beach days (plus some awesome pictures for Instagram).

Here is a guide to the most stunning beaches in Aruba.


Baby Beach Has A Cute Name And Is Family-Friendly

Planetware recommends going to Baby Beach, which is located 45 minutes by car from Palm Beach. According to the website, "the water is a striking palette of aquamarine and turquoise." That definitely sounds like this is one of the most stunning beaches in Aruba.

This beach is not only beautiful but also, according to Aruba.com, very family-friendly. That's because the water doesn't go super deep and you can swim out for quite a while and still be totally safe.

Palm Beach Has Gorgeous Water And Palm Trees

Planetware also mentions Palm Beach. The cool thing about this area is that there are many places to buy souvenirs and also grab some food, so you can spend a lot of time here. The restaurants, like NOS CLUBHUIS, offer outdoor seating so you can eat a nice meal while staring at the wonderful view. Some Trip Advisor reviews of this restaurant praise the ceviche and fish and chips.

Besides the convenient location, Palm Beach also has a lot of palm trees, and the water and sky are so breathtaking that you really would spend hours just staring at them. Aruba is known for its white sand, so if this is the type of beach that appeals to you, then this is definitely the vacation spot for you.

Many travelers have shared on Trip Advisor that this beach looks great and is also really "clean."

There's A Resort On Manchebo Beach For A Good Reason

According to Beaches Of Aruba, this beach also has a resort called the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. The beach itself has incredible sunsets and is 800 meters long.

You can visit this beach or stay at this resort, and after seeing this photo, it's hard not to want to book a week-long stay here (or longer if you're lucky). The hotel has pilates and yoga, along with a spa, and people on Trip Advisor are huge fans of the food and drinks.

According to a Trip Advisor review, this is a nice beach for travelers looking for a peaceful place to take a stroll and it's located at "the southern end of Eagle Beach."

Flamingo Beach/Renaissance Island Is Just The Coolest

According to The Crazy Tourist, there are many flamingos on this beach, which is, of course, the reason for its moniker. Can you imagine hanging out with flamingos during your vacation?! How cool is that?

To get here, you'll have to take a boat that you pay for, but you'll also get a mid-day meal so that's definitely worth it. Families who are traveling to Aruba should know that this beach is "adults-only."

The fact that there are so many flamingos here makes this a popular tourist attraction and it's pretty easy to see why. This unique fact makes this one of Aruba's most stunning beaches because you not only get the signature turquoise water that is common in this area but you get to see these pink animals, too.

Boca Prins/Arikok Has A Gorgeous National Park Nearby

The Crazy Tourist also recommends Boca Prins as a beautiful beach. You'll walk down stairs to access it, and it's not a beach that lends itself to swimming as that can be dangerous, but you'll be too busy gaping at the views that you won't mind.

While it might be cliche to say that someone enjoys long walks on the beach, this is the place to do that since you can also hike in a nearby area. That's right: according to Beaches Of Aruba, 55-meter long Boca Prins is located in Arikok National Park. Although you can't swim here, the website mentions that you can hike in that park, which would be a cool activity.

Whether you're looking for a beach to bring your kids, a luxury resort right on the beach, a unique experience with pink flamingos, a beach near a national park, or just some turquoise water and white sand, these five beaches in Aruba are all totally stunning. Visitors can't go wrong with any of them, and they will each offer the perfect beach vacay.

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