Aruba is the beautiful Caribbean island just north of Venezuela and Colombia that has been around since 2,000 BC. With a strong European and Spanish influence, Aruba is known for its fresh seafood and polenta, gorgeous architecture, and stunning beach-front resorts. With clear waters and white-sand beaches, Aruba is the perfect destination to post up on the beach and take in the natural landscape. However, Aruba should be known for much more than its classic resorts.

With such a deep history, Aruba has amazing sites that need to be explored. From aloe vera farms to natural swimming pools, Aruba is one island that is begging to be explored.


There's A Natural Pool To Swim In

Who needs a swimming pool filled with chlorine and other harsh chemicals when you can swim in a fresh-water pool that's literally been created by nature itself? The natural pool can be found inside Arikok National Park (more on this below) and is created by volcanic rock. The pool is five meters deep and can be quite slippery on the rocks, so it's important to remember that this pool is not man-made.

Mother Nature created this beauty and does not have the proper safety precautions that most public pools have. Nevertheless, this natural pool can get quite crowded in the earlier hours of the day but should not be missed. When else can travelers swim safely in a natural pool?

Ride A ATV Around The Island

The fascinating part about Aruba is it's tropical but also has a touch of the desert. With the country only being 21 miles long and six miles wide, it's easy to be explored in a weekend. And the best way to explore this stunning island is by ATV.

There are plenty of companies on the island that rent out ATVs to tourists who are looking to explore in a way they never have before.

In fact, one company (Arubiana) even has an app that gives self-guided tours and can help ATV riders know where they're at all times. Book an ATV for the entire day (which is nice if a rental car isn't an option) or rent it for a morning excursion before heading to the beach!

A Country With A Rich History

Mining for gold seems like a thing of the past but it's still very sought after today. Gold was first found in Aruba in the 1800s and quickly became a hot-bed for people trying to get rich quick. Fast forward to 2020 and Aruba now has a Gold Mine Ranch tourists can visit to learn more about the gold mining history on the island.

But this ranch is much more than a tour, visitors are shown the area on horseback! While exploring the land, a guide will lead the way and give an in-depth history of the fight for gold while everyone follows on horses. There are different tours to choose some but it's something to definitely check out instead of sitting in a beach chair all day.

Hit The Ground Running At Arikok National Park

Aruba may be small but they have a national park that is begging to be examined with a fine-tooth comb. The Arikok National Park can be found on the Eastern side of the island and has everything from caves to mountain peaks to natural wonders that can only be found in Aruba.

The park covers 7,907 acres and is home to cave paintings from the Caquetío Indians. Hikers, joggers, and explorers alike can also find a cactus plantation here, which is way cooler than it sounds. However, it should be mentioned that there is a small fee to enter the park.

Get Up Close And Personal With Coral

With Aruba lying on the Caribbean sea, it's a no brainer that the ocean needs to be explored as much as the land does. Luckily, Aruba has plenty of snorkeling and scuba diving activities to take part of.

Aruba Bob is a company in particular that takes tourists on snorkel tours to see coral, tropical fish, and once-in-a-lifetime views that can only be seen in Aruba. These are moments a tourist simply can't get by staying planted at their hotel all day!