China is a fascinating country, and it’s home to some weird and wonderful inventions, whether that’s the longest escalator in the world (shaped like a dragon and cascading down a cliff face), or the creation of an artificial sun! China is also home to extremely creative people, like the farmer who designed a robot to pull him around in a cart, or the man who was inspired by a suitcase for a vehicle.

The Chinese have different approaches to certain things, which many westerners would consider strange. For example, one region has found that geese are excellent when it comes to fighting crime, locals have the opportunity to see a replica of a European city without ever leaving China, and vending machines stock so much more than candy. Below are 20 unusual inventions that come from China.

20 The Artificial Sun Could Make Nuclear Fusion A Viable Energy Option

Some inventions in China may seem unusual but are also incredibly smart. Take the creation of the artificial sun as an example. This ambitious project, according to Interesting Engineering, has been designed to replicate nuclear fusion. If everything goes according to plan, it could make "nuclear fusion a feasible energy option on Earth,” the publication notes.

19 The Longest Escalator In The World Is Shaped Like A Dragon

If you want to see the longest escalator in the world, then you should head to The Dragon Escalator, located around 85kms from Beijing. According to Atlas Obscura, the escalator, which is shaped like a dragon, takes visitors to the country’s largest dam — although its bright colors make it look terribly out of place.

18 There’s A Robot Rickshaw Because Why Not?!

A Chinese farmer named Mr. Wu Yulu is an innovative person, although some of his inventions are weird. Take his robots (creating using scrap metal), which can perform various functions, including pulling him in a cart, Daily Mail reports. He has been tinkering with mechanics since 1986.

17 You Never Have To Leave China To Visit Europe, Thanks To The Fake European Villages

If you live in China, you don’t have to travel far to see the Eiffel Tower. According to ABC News, the replica is one-third the height of the real one and is located in the real estate development of Tianducheng. The aim is to “evoke classical European charm,” National Geographic reports. Interestingly, it’s not the only duplicate in the country, and visitors can also see (among others) a replica of Stratford-upon-Avon, and Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

16 Vending Machines Are So Far From The Norm; Expect To Find Live Crabs And Other Things!

Vending machines make life so convenient because you can purchase your favorite snack or soda, but in China, vending machines are on a different level. According to The Atlantic, among the unusual things you can get from a vending machine at one of the country's main subway stations are live hairy crabs.

15 Want To Visit A Cockroach Farm, Anyone?!

For most people, cockroaches are disgusting pests that they would like to avoid, but not in China. The country is home to the world’s biggest cockroach farm, located in the city of Xichang in southwestern China. According to The Culture Trip, the facility breeds six billion of these bugs a year, which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

14 When The Air Is Not Fresh, You Can Rely On Canned Air

The air quality in big cities is poor, and in China, the “toxic air is particularly alarming,” resulting in a high number of deaths each year, BBC reports. Instead of heading into the countryside and inhaling the air, businesses are now making money by selling canned fresh air.

13 There Are Ghost Cities Across The Country, And There’s Even Tours To Visit Them

There are ghost cities located across China, and we don’t mean places where you go to see spooky white figures. According to The Culture Trip, many hastily-constructed developments have had no buyers and resulted in large areas becoming unpopulated. The publication notes that there are empty buildings and highways, which give the area an eerie feel. There are even ghost city tours that visitors can take to see these developments.

12 Forget Starbucks Because In China You Can Find A Teabucks!

Most people will be familiar with Starbucks because the coffee shop can be found in locations across the globe, but in China, you can also find Teabucks! The Guardian notes that the country has a bit of a reputation for being copycats. Lovers of hot beverages can head here and take their selfies with their drinks of choice!

11 A Communist Village Is Considered The Richest Village In China

There is a communist village located in Huaxi, in east China's Jiangsu Province, that has been nicknamed “the richest village in China,” Daily Mail reports. There are rows of houses that are the same, and each of the 2,000 residents is believed to have “more than one million yuan in the bank.” This sounds amazing, but the publication notes that if the family chooses to leave the area, they lose everything!

10 Although Not An Invention, You Will Be Able To Spot Unusual Things In Walmart That You Wouldn’t See Anywhere Else

It’s not just inventions that are unusual in China, but also the things you can purchase. Take these whole sharks on sale at Walmart as an example. According to The Richest, there are several things you can only find in a Chinese Walmart, and this includes diet water (which is just absurd), whole turtles, and several shark species.

9 Who Needs Police Dogs When There Are Police Geese?!

Who needs dogs when you can use the local geese, right? According to Business Insider, the police in Xinjiang have found that geese are “better than dogs” when it comes to deterring crime. “Geese are very brave. They spread their wings and will attack any strangers entering [someone’s] home,” the local police chief Mr. Zhang said.

8 There’s An Ice And Snow Festival That Is Like A Kitschy Childhood Dream

People who love the winter months will be impressed by the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, the world’s biggest snow and ice festival. Located in the Heilongjiang Province in northern China, this is an annual festival, and the creations are made from ice blocks, CNN notes. There are over 100 landmarks.

7 Someone Thought That A Giant Bin Of Sausages Would Be A Good Idea!

Sausages are great, but choosing one from a giant bin inside the local store is a bit gross. According to The Richest, yet another thing that you can find inside a Walmart in China is an open sausage bin. The publication notes that this concept of an open bin to grab your meet could likely result in food poisoning for foreigners.

6 Male Bikinis Are A Thing (At Least Beachwear Does Not Discriminate)

When the weather heats up, it’s not surprising that people want to take off their clothes and hang around in their swimwear. But for men who don’t want to remove their tops and reveal their bodies, there is an alternative: a male bikini. According to The Richest, there is a line of “non-gender specific bikinis that are sold on the premise of being anti-bacterial.” Although to be fair, the photo of the product looks like it’s a full swimsuit rather than a bikini!

5 The Kissing Dinosaurs Are An Interesting, Although Weird Attraction

China has many interesting landmarks, but one of the most unusual is the Kissing Dinosaurs ( two giant apatosauruses) located on a highway on China’s border with Mongolia. According to Atlas Obscura, the dinosaurs are the largest in the world, erected as an attempt by the government to bring tourism to the town of Erlian.

4 This Road Cleaner May Be Weird, But It’s Also Innovative!

This broom cleaner may not look like the most advanced design, but it still does the job. According to Daily Mail, you can see this device in Xiaogan city, and it has up to 16 brooms attached to a spinning disk. It’s a creation that is thought to be 20 times more efficient than the average sanitation worker.

3 When You Need To Travel On Land And Water, You Need This Bicycle

If you need to travel on land and water, then perhaps one of these bikes is the solution. Although there appears to be little information available on the design, according to China Whisper, it was created by a man named Xiao Lei and his girlfriend. They come from Wuhan, Hubei Province.

2 This Pensioner Has Invented A Brilliant Yet Unusual Evacuation Slide

Zhou Miaorong, a pensioner in Shanghai, made headlines across the world for his unusual, yet brilliant device; an emergency slide. He found a way to evacuate older people from buildings in a much shorter time (a great alternative to the stairs), and according to The Mirror, the slide allows people to go down the stairs at a speed of 3 seconds per floor.

1 A Suitcase Vehicle Is Both Practical And Awesome (Although Also Really Weird)

Is one of the best inventions ever a suitcase vehicle? Maybe! This is what a man named

He Liang spent over a decade, creating and modifying, Insider reports. This vehicle has a motor and can reach speeds of 12 MPH. That said, he does look hilarious riding around!

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