With spectacular mountains, magically changing terrains, valleys, and canyons, Armenia is home to Europe's most beautiful and epic hiking trails. This nation's mountains and geographical wonders hide splendid architecture in their depths. Anyone would enjoy the various hiking tours and exciting trekking routes of Armenia. This is because the trail-building activity is expanding quickly in the country, making it a uniquely attractive place for exploring magnificent and new hiking trails. People will have the chance to create unforgettable experiences in the many trekking and hiking destinations in Armenia. The trails are famous for their epic and authentic nature spots and are the perfect pick for great adventure lovers and enthusiasts. Here are the most amazing hikes to take in Armenia.


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These Marvelous Mountains Are Perfect For A Trek In Armenia

Anyone planning to hike in Armenia must head first to the magical Geghama Mountains. The latter consist of a mountain ridge stretching from Lake Sevan to the Ararat Plain. The hike at this unique destination consists of several days of trekking and is perfect for adventure lovers. This is where people will witness the fascinating extinct volcano of Azhdahak at the highest point of the range. What's even more interesting is that snow water has formed a circular-shaped lake in the crater of this spot.

  • When to visit: Hiking the Geghama Mountains is best during the summer season, particularly during the month of July when the grounds are blanketed in varicolored flowers.

People will greatly appreciate the volcanic red color of the mountains, never-ending horizon, and enveloping clouds which will turn the trek into a magnificent experience. The hike is also perfect for cultural tours, thanks to the prehistoric petroglyphs found all over the mountain chain and the "dragon stone," consisting of special stone stelae.

Another perfect hike to take in Armenia is at the Aragats Mountain, which reaches the highest point in the country. With four summits, all of this mountain can be hiked over multiple days. However, expert hikers can do this trek in one day only. People can also see the impressive huge crater since Aragats Mountain is volcanic. Other characteristics to appreciate there are the diverse and rich flora and fauna. Solo travelers will enjoy the trek because they will be accompanied to the top of the mountain by various species of birds.

  • Recommended: People are advised to hire a local guide when trekking the Agarats Mountain for safety. This will also make the hike more involved and enjoyable.

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These Treks In Armenia Will Guide Hikers To A Fairytale

People who take the hike to Lastiver and Waterfall in Armenia will be transported to a real fairytale. When trekking during foggy weather, one will find themselves in the Avatar movie, where they will see the gorge bordering the narrow path from the right and enclosed by rocks from the left. This hike is best for meditation, thanks to the sound of the river, the magnificent forest, the valley's peaceful vibes, and the magical waterfall. The surprising scene takes place when trekkers reach the Lastiver caves. This is where they will think they are in a real fairytale and want to stay forever in the treehouses there.

Other equally-attractive hikes in Armenia are the ones to take in Dilijan National Park, which is located in the northern part of Armenia. It is one of the most densely forested areas in the country. Splendid architecture and lofty nature are what people will witness on the hikes in Dilijan National Park. People will find hikes of varying difficulties here, so they can choose the ones that best suit their level.

  • Recommended: In Dilijan National Park, people are advised to hike the popular trail connecting Lake Parz to Lake Gosh.

In addition to the rich fauna, people will have the chance to witness the largest Yew Grove in South Caucasus. This attraction can be reached on a hiking trail to Agavnavank.

Hiking To This Fortress And Monastery In Armenia Is A Must

This hike features interesting spots and breathtaking beauty in Armenia and can be completed in one day. This is where people will be able to admire the unique conversation between architecture and nature in the country. The hike takes trekkers to the Smbataberd fortress, which rests on an impregnable precipice, and is defended by gorges naturally.

From there, people can continue their way to Tsakhats Kar Monastery, which can be found about 3.5 kilometers to the north of the fortress. This monastery dates back to the 10th century and was used in the Middle Ages as an important educational center. What adds to the uniqueness of this hike is the presence of beautiful Bezoar goats in the region.

Other iconic hikes to take in Armenia include the one to Khustup Mountain on the southern side of the country and the ones to Hatis and Ara Mountains during the winter season.

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