One of the year’s most surprising couples, singer Ariana Grande and SNL comic Pete Davidson, has just announced one of the year’s most surprising engagements. The pair, who just started dating a few weeks ago, has wasted no time in celebrating the news. Yesterday, Grande posted pics on Instagram of the couple at Disneyland.

One of their stops appeared to be Space Mountain, which dates back to 1975, well before the 24-year-olds were born. The concept for the roller coaster came from the first Disney mountain attraction, the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland, which debuted in 1959. After teaming up with Arrow Development Company, who developed the Matterhorn's roller coaster system, the company started working on Space Mountain shortly after Disney opened in Orlando in October 1971.


The mountain, which was built outside the park, was financed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), which provided communications hardware for the Walt Disney World Resort. The contract between the two companies stipulated that if Disney presented an interesting attraction, RCA would put up $10 million to fund it.

Grande and Davidson were at the park with friends and family members, including brother Frankie Grande and mom Joan Grande. "Ariana and Pete were in the front row and he got out first and then turned to her and held out his hand to help her up," a source told E! News. "A few people yelled ‘Ariana' from the line and she turned and smiled at them and waved. She looked very happy. Then they all walked out and Ariana and Pete were holding hands."

The couple has known each other since 2016 when Grande performed on Saturday Night Live but didn’t start dating until after the singer split from Mac Miller, and Davidson ended his relationship with Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter. Though the engagement has surprised many, the couple’s friends sensed that the two were getting serious.

“They are a perfect fit. They are not rushing to get married. Their friends are really excited and supportive,” a source shared with Us Weekly. “They are both constantly making each other laugh. Their moms have met. They’ve been very public with their relationship on social media and they are in very in love.” In a recent Instagram post, Davidson wrote, "Thanks for making this idiot from Staten Island the happiest boy on earth.”

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Despite announcing their engagement, the couple has no immediate plans to tie the knot. According to another source, Davidson and Grande are “looking forward to a very long engagement together.” The singer also responded to a fan’s message regarding the engagement. “I hope he knows he is marrying us as well,” the fan tweeted. To which she replied, “He’s been briefed.”