Tourist sites haven’t yet spilled into this archipelago's natural wonders. Seychelles seems boring until tourists realize that they can enjoy its islands the same way the locals do. All it takes is stepping back from the coast or launching headfirst into the sea. The adventures are there, waiting.

The first thing that sets Seychelles apart from popular destinations is that it’s not one of those Caribbean islands doomed to disappoint their loyal guests. Seychelles spreads across the Indian Ocean and Somali Sea, too distant to share the same attractions.

Destinations deemed boring aren't flashy but they always have hidden charms. It all comes down to planning the right itinerary. Let’s explore some options for getting started.

10 Tour The Aldebaran and Ennerdale Shipwrecks

Seychelles shipwrecks aren’t off-limits but they are difficult to reach. Experienced divers plunge 98 feet into the ocean to see the Ennerdale, a ship that was done in by a coral reef collision. Its rusted over remains have maintained their shape since the 1970s. Diving another 33 feet will get them to the Aldebaran, the ship pictured above. This much older ship is overgrown with aquatic plant life and inhabited by hungry fish.

9 Visit One Of Seychelles' Colorful Markets

Every city has its own market, but one of the largest is located in the Seychellois capital. It’s named Victoria after the city that it sits in. The locals come to sell spices and herbs along with other exotic ingredients like jackfruit. Souvenirs sold at the market include traditional sarongs, carved cocos de Mer, and batik jewelry. Batik means the items are made from brightly patterned fabrics and usually adorned with seashells and beads.

8 Find Giant Tortoises In Aldabra

No one is allowed onto the Aldabra atoll without express permission after its native giant tortoise species were nearly hunted into extinction. These tortoises aren’t only in Aldabra though. They roam the botanical gardens on Mahé island and can be found out in the wild on Alphonse. Desroches has several sanctuaries in addition to wild tortoises. Travelers still set on going to Aldabra will get the closest possible look if they book a cruise.

7 Hike Morne Blanc

Hiking Morne Blanc is more pleasant than it is challenging. The Outbound Collective estimates the hike time to be a breezy 45 minutes. The established path moves right through the dense jungle. Colorful birds unique to the region can be seen fluttering through the trees. There is also a rare kind of frog found in this jungle, but hikers would be lucky to find it since it’s no bigger than a fingernail.

6 Visit The Tea Plantation On Mahé Island

SeyTe tea plantation is found at the bottom of Morne Blanc mountain. It’s a worthwhile experience for everyone, but hikers should certainly make the stop since they’ll pass it on their way up the mountain anyway. Lonely Planet prices the plantation and factory entry fee under $2. Guided tours explaining the tea making process are more expensive. Select some local flavors for purchase on the way out as a souvenir.

5 Find The Coco De Mer At The Coconut Plantation

Seychelles has the standard brown coconut that every other tropical island has, but they also have something more. It’s called the Coco de Mer and its suggestive shape always leaves tourists amused. Holidify says that though these fruits are edible, they’re mostly used for holistic medicinal purposes. Tourists take the fruits home for display purposes. The rarity of the fruit means that purchases must come with proper ID.

4 Go Kayaking Around The Islands

Islands in Seychelles sit in both the Indian Ocean and the Somali Sea. Hundreds of species of fish and vibrant patches of coral shine through the clear, blue water. Open sea kayaking allows guests to tour these sites in comfort. The experience becomes more intimate when touring with Crystal Water Kayaks, a company that uses kayaks made of glass. Passengers can see entire ecosystems operating in their natural habitats beneath their feet.

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3 Explore The Spice Garden

Fragrant spices are grown in the lush fields of the Jardin du Roi. Tours of the fields end with a meal eaten at the nearby restaurant. Each dish makes use of homegrown spices and honors the island’s seafood staples. Menu options submitted to TripAdvisor range from octopus seasoned with saffron, cinnamon, and coconut to the much simpler baked fish. These dishes and more can be enjoyed from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM at closing time.

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2 Attend A Seasonal Festival

Careful timing can help align vacations with annual events. The October Creole Festival is worth planning an entire trip around for the culturally curious. Over the course of a few days, the locals celebrate their culture through parades that highlight traditional music and dances which are performed in cultural costumes. The whole island gets together again for the Seychelles Regatta, a yacht racing event that is accompanied by rows of stalls selling street food and concerts.

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1 Bike Down Forest Paths

Cycling isn’t a huge sport on the main island of Seychelles due to its narrow roads. It’s best to stick to well-traveled routes to stay safe. More options appear on the other side of a short ferry ride to La Digue or Praslin, according to Go Explore Seychelles. Guided tours reveal the optimal routes through thick rainforests and rolling hills. As the buildings grow more distant, guests can fully immerse themselves in nature.

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