From crab and compressed watermelon to souse-vide pigeon with beetroot; fine dining is not to everyone’s taste. At the same time, there’s no doubt that Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe offer extraordinary culinary experiences.

Interestingly, Michelin stars - the golden standard of the restaurant industry - were introduced by the Michelin tire company in the 20th century to encourage scenic drive lovers to explore the beautiful roads of France, with the first Michelin guide published in 1926. But when it comes to Michelin Star restaurants, we should admit that Gordon Ramsay is one of the most creative celeb chefs who truly deserve his Three Stars. Despite his potty mouth and blunt personality, Gordon always creates exceptional delicacies that make foodies across the world lick their fingers.

That said, many customers claim that Gordon’s restaurants are not worth the price; small portions, long waiting lists, rude staff, and so on and on. Simply keep reading!

10 People's Tastes Keep Changing Over The Years. Can Chef Ramsay Keep Track Of Modern Cuisine?

Given the intensity of his foul language, there’s no doubt that Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known celeb cooks across the world, a cook who's managing a whole empire. That said, some people claim that Chef Ramsay is a real beast as a boss and can be really intimidating to work around him. In fact, experts across the globe say that Gordon's aggressive style is abusive and outdated in today’s restaurant kitchen culture.

9 Big Plates, Small Meals

Chef Ramsay is well-known not only for his foul language but innovative cooking skills. His Michelin-starred restaurants provide excellent service and extraordinary dishes.  Yet, Michelin Star restaurants can leave you hungry and broke at the same time. While creative plates are appetizing, paying a fortune for a small meal is not something many people can afford. As chef Paul Bocuse said, "Nothing on the plate and everything on the bill."

8 Sometimes Even The Celeb Chef Cuts Corners

Chef Gordon Ramsay is a passionate advocate of fresh produce and food; as he once said, "What’s frustrating more than anything is when chefs start to cut corners." That said, Gordon has also been accused of using pre-cooked meals. To provide an example, it's been revealed that some of Gordon’s gastro-pubs in London order meals from an off-site kitchen.

7 Gordon Can Be Mean To Children, Which Can Be Unappetizing

Though many enjoy Ramsay’s attitude and four-letter words, the truth is that our beloved celeb chef has been criticized numerous times for his potty mouth - even around kids. While trying to be a cooking Mary Poppins around his MasterChef Junior contestants, Ramsay has had a fair amount of cute meltdowns. He joked in an interview, "As soon as I get the chance, I’ll be getting as far away from these freaky kid cooks as possible."

6 Drink Sizes Can Be Disappointing As Well

Gordon’s comments are brutal; so are the prices at his Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s not only the food that is exorbitant; drinks are also pricey. Experts reveal that customers can spend up to $1000 if they order wine. We should note that not many Michelin-starred restaurants in the US care about drinks and cocktails. Simply because quality "is all about the food on the plate, as it has been for nearly 120 years."

5 Are Gordon's Recipes Stolen?

Scandalous Gordon Ramsay? Healthy Jamie Oliver? Daring Andre Zimmern? Who is your favorite celeb chef? Here we should mention that many people agree that Anthony Bourdain was one of the most talented and adventurous celeb chefs across the globe. In fact, many fans argue that Ramsay's Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, aired in 2019, is a rip-off of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

4 Just An Ordinary Pub Meal

While Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe promise customers delicious meals and extraordinary culinary experiences, some customers compare Gordon’s restaurants to ordinary pubs that offer expensive burgers and fries. Here we should note that Michelin Stars are a hallmark of high-quality food and are based on anonymous restaurant reviewers; restaurants can be awarded One Star, Two Stars, or the exceptional Three Stars. Interestingly, other popular restaurant reviews may consider additional factors, such as parking options, prices, and drinks.

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Chef Ramsay is highly talented, charming, and successful - simply a tough egg to crack. Yet, we have to agree that his past is way too bitter. From his jagged family relationships to his legal battles and social media feuds, Gordon Ramsay's life is kind of controversial. The feud between Gordon and his father-in-law, in particular, still has a repulsive taste. Tana’s father was found guilty of unlawfully accessing Gordon’s IT systems.

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2 Gordon Ramsay Vs. His Staff

There's no doubt that Gordon Ramsay keeps working hard to stay ahead in the game. Yet, some of his employees describe him as intimidating and inpatient. Female employees, in particular, claim that the restaurant business is still male-dominated. Moreover, Gordon has been slammed for laying off his staff during the pandemic. Here we should note that Gordon Ramsay is worth an estimated $190 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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1 Can Your Taste Buds Wait For A Seat?

Gordon’s restaurants provide excellent dining experiences. But are his employees good enough? According to customers, staff can be rude and waiting times can be daunting. Here we should note that most of the world’s best restaurants have long reservation lists. Sometimes it might take you months to get a reservation, after which you pay a fortune for a small meal. Can your taste buds wait for a seat, though?

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