10 Architecturally Renowned Modern Homes Across The U.S.

This great nation is full of great homes, from classic craftsman builds and long, low ranch styles to ornate Victorians and cute cottages. One of the most popular types, when it comes to a house, is modern. These can have retro vibes, be sleek and/or look like works of art, and they are all amazing in their own special ways.

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The 10 modern homes that are listed out down below are some of the most noteworthy ones in the U.S. They have been photographed numerous times, studied by professionals/classes and referenced in conversations and similar builds. Enjoy!

10 The Glass House

The Glass House is first on the list, and it can be found in New Canaan, Connecticut. Philip Johnson designed it in the late ‘40s, and he lived there, as well. This house is a good example of minimalism, and it uses glass, making it transparent, as well as full of beautiful reflections.

This place is now a house museum, meaning it is open to the public, allowing those who are interested in architecture, design, art and one-of-a-kind spaces to see it on a regular basis.

9 Wilt Chamberlain’s House

Basketballer Wilt Chamberlain had a house on a hill… a house with some very unique features. The master bedroom had a ceiling that retracted and was covered in mirrors. There was a fun room with a water bed-like floor.

And one of the swimming pools entered into the living room. In 2008, this spot got a revamp, meaning a chef's kitchen, a media room and garages were added in with the six bedrooms, six bathrooms and the five-story living room.

8 Sam and Ruth VanSickle Ford House

In the late ‘40s/early ‘50s, Bruce Goff created the Sam and Ruth VanSickle Ford House in Aurora, Illinois. Ruth VanSickle Ford was a painter and an art teacher, while Sam Ford, her husband, was a civil engineer, and these two lived in this dome-shaped home.

There are a couple of smaller dome shapes, which are over the bedrooms, and there are open areas on one side of the main dome, in order to create outdoor living spaces here, as well. As part of the National Register of Historic Places, this distinctive structure is a very well-known one.

7 Daphne House

Located in Hillsborough, California, the Daphne House belonged to Nicholas and Virginia Daphne. It was designed in the late ‘50s by Craig Ellwood, and it has several elements that make it look like it is simply floating. First off, it is built up and sits three feet off of the ground.

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Next, the steel frame features marble and gray-colored glass, which sit back a few inches, making for some cool light and shadow effects. The landscaping and location help to make this home look like a true oasis.

6 Gwathmey Residence And Studio

As mentioned, some modern-style homes look like giant sculptures and works of art that are almost too cool and too stunning to live in at all, and this is one of those. Charles Gwathmey created the Gwathmey Residence and Studio in 1965, and he created it for his parents, who were named Rosalie and Robert.

This space only contains 1,200 square feet, but it is packed with character; the color, the shape and the glass seen on the outside all make this a very special sight to see in Amagansett, New York.

5 The Kaufmann House

In 1946, the Kaufmann Desert House came to be. This structure includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and it is all about bringing the outdoors in and vice versa.

Since this home is located in Palm Springs, California, there are features—such as open walkways, sliding glass walls and covered breezeways—that help to circulate the desert air and create areas where people can enjoy nature yet feel comfortable and secure, as well. Richard Neutra designed this iconic spot, with all of its lush luxuries.

4 Farnsworth House

Those who are into architecture and who find themselves in Plano, Illinois, can partake in a guided tour of one of the most popular houses ever built: the Farnsworth House. This mid-century modern masterpiece was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for Dr. Edith Farnsworth.

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It has been around since the late ‘40s/early ‘50s, and it is now a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Site by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The clean white lines, against the green grass and trees, creates an incredible artistic effect.

3 The Eames House

Found in Los Angeles, The Eames House has been around since 1949, thanks to Charles and Ray Eames. Now a house museum, this used to be where this husband and wife lived and worked.

Its notable features include an 8-foot by 200 foot concrete retaining wall, a spiral staircase leading to a mezzanine level, a double-height living room, a courtyard that separates the house from the studio and, the main attraction, colored panels that stand out against black steel frames.

2 The Stahl House

Another famous home, which is found in California, is The Stahl House. Built in 1959, this masterpiece was designed by Pierre Koenig. Since it can be found in the Hollywood Hills, it has been seen in tons of television shows, films, campaigns, and even a video game.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been called a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument and was put on America's Favorite Architecture list. With the sleek design, the pool and the view of the city below, this is another house to definitely know.

1 Fallingwater

And, of course, there is Fallingwater. This icon was created by the one and the only Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. As its name suggests, is built over a waterfall in a rural area of Pennsylvania, and it was a weekend getaway for Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. and Liliane Kaufmann of the Kaufmann's Department Store.

Fallingwater has been called one of the top places to see before you die and the best work of American architecture, and for good reason; there is no house like this, and its greatness could never be replicated.

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