One of the best family events that you can enjoy on a day out is going to the aquarium. If you happen to be travelling across Canada then there's some great and varied choices for you to visit.

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Each location has something unique to offer, but are also truly special. They all hold a variety of wildlife and have a mission to continue to preserve the sea life that it protects and further across the globe. Here are 10 must see aquariums in Canada.


The so-called best aquarium in all of Canada is first on this list and we have to say it is pretty spectacular. From the brand that brought you Ripley's believe it or not comes a really amazing experience that all the family can enjoy.

Located in Toronto, these exhibits have everything you could want. From a shark enclosure where you can actually spend time with them after dark, to a sting ray exhibition where you can experience these creatures up close and personal. It's a truly fantastic spot to visit.


As the name suggests, this excellent marine centre is all based around education. Its mission is to educate both children and adults alike on sea life. This is to ensure that the future will protect the wildlife living in the oceans.

The relatively new exhibits in British Columbia, are designed more like a science lab than a traditional Aquarium to continue the educational theme. It's a great place to bring schools especially to help kids learn more about the planet they live on.


Over at Niagara Falls is the Marineland of Canada. This Ontario based attraction is all about the experiences that a family can go through when they meet the amazing animals for the first time.

Marineland's special attraction is of course the beluga whales which you can really get up close to and see in all their glory. There are some amazing other sea life to visit but Marineland itself is also home to rides and even some lands mammals.

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This amazing attraction is one of the biggest in the country. It has countless exhibitions full of some truly stunning animals. Obviously situated in Quebec, this has been designed to be a hot spot for families to visit.

What's more, its one of the few Aquariums on this list that has walk through tunnels. This means that you can be truly surrounded by the wild life you've come to see in a truly unique way. Plus, it's home to some brilliant polar bears!


The Huntsman Marine Science Centre is quite a different location on this list compared to the rest. The building really is a working scientific research centre and is designed to inspire children to become interested and involved in marine science.

It's a location that's primarily built for schools to come and visit but is home to a few different exhibitions including a rock pool that youths can explore and learn about. It's a really unique learning environment that's a must visit.


This Aquarium is much smaller than others on this list but it has a certain charm. The interior has as much as possible carefully fit into it to give visitors a good tour of the wildlife of the oceans in the nearby vicinity.

It's a science centre and it's not necessarily designed to be a full day out for the family like others on this list. But for a back to basics, genuine look at sea life, this has all it needs. It's unique and elegant in that way and the nearby water source allows for outside events as well.

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If you are travelling to Vancouver, then you want to experience the adventure that is their local Aquarium. The marine life centre is designed to allow visitors to appreciate all the work that goes in to their conservation projects across the world.

There's countless animals to explore such as their otters or seals and there's so many opportunities to watch how the centre functions and operates; especially how they care for the animals. It's a learning opportunity as well as a fun day out.


The Salish Sea is the focal point for this education and conservation centre. Once again this is all about educating people on something that's not so far from them! The Salish Sea's wildlife is front and centre throughout the exhibitions.

What's more, the centre even has an art gallery about the Salish Sea putting a cultural focus on the importance of this body of water and its inhabitants. Through this you can also join up to some truly great volunteering experiences to help out!


The Discovery Passage Aquarium is the smallest venue on this list. A passage is accurate as it really is a walk through a small hut like space. Throughout this journey though there's a really unique collection of sea life to inspect.

What's more, this is really a great space for the community to continue to great conservation work. Throughout there are opportunities to learn with a fantastic rock pool area for kids to get to grips with what's living in their oceans.


This Aquarium offers up a variety of ecosystems for people to explore. Not only just focusing on its sea life, the exhibitions also take a look at the lake life of Canada and other non-salted bodies of water.

There's something for everyone at this attraction and there's an interesting journey you can take throughout. The Aquarium has focused on the story of all the habitats a salmon will visit during its own journey to help you really experience the life of some of these sea creatures. Plus you can build your own whale!

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