The Queen is hiring a new housekeeper for Buckingham Palace, with the option for the chosen applicant to live within its walls.

Most of you reading this likely have a dream job. Some of you might even be lucky enough to have that job. Others might not even realize what their dream job is until it is happening to them, or may not even be aware that it exists. We imagine a recent job posting in the UK falls into that final category.

A housekeeper for The Queen at Buckingham Palace. Sure, we assumed that the Queen's London residence had a team of people looking after it, but we didn't realize that the Royals advertised for those positions as if they were regular jobs. That's what is happening right now, reports Travel+Leisure. The palace needs a new housekeeper, and anyone can apply.


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If this sounds like your dream job, then you can apply by visiting The Royal Household website. Hold your horses for just a second though and let us tell you a little more about the position. The listing states that the chosen candidate will be someone who demonstrates that they have extraordinary attention to detail, and also an ability to tackle new challenges. It's full-time, five days per week, but will likely require some weekend work too.

The salary isn't stated, although we'd imagine working for The Queen would come with a pretty comfortable paycheque. You'll also get 33 vacation days per year and even live in Buckingham Palace if you so choose. That last part is optional, but seriously, who is passing up the opportunity to live inside of the world's most famous palace with Queen Elizabeth II?

If this still sounds like your dream job, then what else are you waiting for? Applications are being taken now and close on September 15, 2019. Interviews will then be conducted on October 2, 2019. If you do apply, and you haven't heard back before then, then we hate to break it to you, but your dream of cleaning the Queen's china will have to be put on hold.

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