Traveling is a redeeming luxury that allows us to escape the chains of reality; if only for a little while. Expectations are high when you're on vacation because the term is associated with a time to have some rest and relaxation. However, sometimes these expectations can be tarnished because of the people you encounter on your travels.

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Sometimes vacations can bring out the worst in people. They think that their getaway gives them license to act entitled or simply irritating. There are a few glaring habits that are common amongst tourists, but there is nothing you can really do about it (even if it's impairing your own leisure). The best you can hope for is that these people learn from their travels. Here are 10 annoying travel habits that you will likely see on your next long weekend.

10 10. Business Before Pleasure

It's true that people have to travel for business. In fact, being a traveler is actually a viable career path these days. It's never uncommon to see people conducting business phone calls at an airport or on a public transportation system. However, what is irritating about these people is that they always seem to be loud and distracted. They're constantly on their phone, so they can sometimes hold up lines or get in the way of other travelers.

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There is also the businessman (or woman) who is clearly on vacation with their family, but chooses instead to take calls the entire trip. They can't seem to be able to draw the line between business and pleasure, even if they are waiting in line for a roller coaster at a theme park.

9 9. Phone Addicts

That brings us to another traveling nuisance. Phones are a staple in everyone's pockets, no matter if you are six or 60 years old. The trouble with today's rampant technology is that it keeps people distracted; even when they are traveling. There is nothing more upsetting than seeing kids on phones or tablets in the middle of Walt Disney World.

Travels bring a real-life reaction that your phone simply can't duplicate. Sure, it's fun to live vicariously in your everyday life, but when you are out traveling, take a moment (or a few days) to really take in your surroundings.

8 8. Insensitivity To Cultural Nuances

Not every place is as free-spirited as America or Europe. While the U.S. does enforce some cultural necessities (tipping at a restaurant, for instance), there isn't that much that travelers should be wary of in terms of nuances.

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Some cultures prefer to keep a more reserved demeanor, which is perfectly fine! What isn't okay, is when visitors to these countries refuse to accept their cultural differences. Some places, like Dubai, prefer that people dress moderately, and public displays of affection are seriously frowned about in UAE countries. Do some research before you travel to make sure that you are being respectful of other cultures.

7 7. Unprepared Travelers

It will always remain a mystery as to why people don't listen to the TSA agents at the airport. Security is already a hassle, but when people hold up the line because they still haven't taken the water bottle out of their carry on or they forgot to take their laptop out, the wait will be even longer

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Airport procedures are pretty common knowledge, but travelers' insistence on not being prepared is always going to be something that others have to wrestle with.

6 6. Impatient Tourists

There is something about the hospitality business that will bring out people's inner frustrations. Perhaps they expect to be waited on hand and foot without having to wait. Whatever their reasoning may be, some travelers have the terrible trait of being impatient — and they usually take it out on customer service employees. After their impatience flairs up, you can expect to see these people causing a scene by complaining loudly about the inconvenience.

5 5. Noisy Travelers

If you're visiting another country, or another city even, it's important to remember to present yourself with dignity. Some people decide to let it all out on vacation, causing chaos and destruction in their wake.

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but tourists have a nasty habit of being acutely loud. It could be that they feel more comfortable being more obnoxious somewhere that people don't know them, but for everyone's sake, they need to turn down the volume.

4 4. People Not Willing To Try New Things

Have you ever been on vacation with someone who just refuses to leave the hotel room? It's the worst kind of luck. Traveling is supposed to bring new and exciting experiences to your life, but some people still choose the comfort of their routine, even while on vacation.

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If you can't get someone to try out a new museum, taste a cultural delicacy, or try out a new thrill, just do it solo! You shouldn't let your travel buddy ruin your chance for new opportunities.

3 3. The Comfortable Plane Rider

Their feet are up, their headphones are on full blast, and they have their seat reclined as far back as it will go. It's fine to try to get comfortable on an airplane; we all know how distressing those seats can be. What can get frustrating is people who don't take other passengers' into consideration before they prop their feet on the seat. This is, unfortunately, nearly an every day occurrence. And until these comfortable plane riders realize their actions, at least it provides entertainment for people on the internet.

2 2. Demanding Guests

Again, some travelers have the mindset that they can do and treat people anyway they please while on vacation. They will do everything short of throwing a full-blown temper tantrum in order to get their way. It's actually a pretty common trait for people who frequently find themselves away from home. Hotel members, in particular, can get pretty demanding of their stay. Then there are those people who complain at restaurants or theme parks in order to get something free out of the charade.

1 1. Travelers Unwilling To Learn The Local Language

Part of the thrill of traveling is having the chance to experience unfamiliar territory. Usually, this unexplored terrain involves you learning the lay of the land, the local thrills and hot spots, and even the language. While people are more than willing to find out what the top-rated bars in their destined city are, they don't want to to take the time to learn the language.

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If a native English-speaker is visiting Italy, part of the excitement should be the chance to try your hand at a foreign language. However, what a handful of travelers tend to do is get frustrated that people can't speak their language, instead of taking the courtesy to try to understand the country's native tongue.