The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is a trip that fans of the series plan for years. It's truly the only place where wanderers will feel completely immersed inside Harry's magical realm. From the rides, the butterbeer, to the familiar wizard shops, Universal's unique themed destination is one that easily feels like home.

Despite its fantastical thrill, visitors will snap back to reality once they have to suffer from the other travelers inside the parks. They're not all so bad; in fact, it's easy to find friends inside the park who will geek out over the interactive wands and the fiery dragon as much as you do. But then, there are those less enthusiastic creatures who take out the magic out of the park. Here are ten annoying things that people do at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

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10 10. Stay Too Long in the Wand Shop

To stay true to its original source, Universal Creatives decided to build the park n a realistic scale. This means that the streets of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are uncomfortable narrow. This seems like a huge oversight, especially considering the Harry Potter section was predicted to be the park's most viable asset.

The shops are also small in size, particularly the wand shops. The wands are put on display just as they are described in the books. However, that means having about ten seconds to pick out your wand before you become overwhelmed with its jammed capacity. Somehow others aren't bothered by its cramped corners and they will stay in the shop for far too long. This gives people less time (and room) to enjoy this wondrous spectacle.

9 9. Wait For The Dragon

The monstrous Ukrainian Ironbelly that perches on top of the Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley is a feature that guests are thrilled to see. Universal took designing the creature a step further by having the dragon breathe out real, hot fire.

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Unfortunately, with the small real estate and overflowing stride of visitors, this tends to cause a traffic jam. With no consideration for others trying to enter this area, people will stop in the street and wait for the dragon to light its flame. This is a needless tact, considering the dragon goes off every ten to fifteen minutes.

8 8. Try On Robes

Again, the shops inside Diagon Alley are tiny. People are continuously coming in and out of the doorways (which is also a hassle). It's understandable that people want to window shop and try on clothes, but this tends to hinder the people trying to reach the cash registers.

The best route to take for trying on your Hogwarts robes is to find an area in the back where you will be out of the way from the register queue.

7 7. They Can't Figure Out The Locker System

Escape From Gringotts and Harry Potter and the Forbbidon Journey are thrill rides that require passengers to place their obstructive items inside their locker system. This is a convenient and easy to use system (not to mention free), but for some reason, this area is always backed up. Most of this seems due to the fact that people have trouble operating the fingerprint-lock system. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to help your fellow wizard out with the time-consuming Muggle contraption.

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Another reason for this congested area can be because people simply opt to take their time retrieving their items.

6 6. Hog The Interactive Wand Experiences

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter's interactive wand system is a technological masterpiece unlike any other in theme parks. It allows visitors to not only purchase a wand of their own but use it on various window sources.

The interactive wands can be used in the designated shop windows to move objects, turn on water, or to make lights flicker. Unfortunately, people tend to hog these areas to try their wand abilities again and again.

5 5. Pour Fire Whiskey In Their Butterbeer

Universal's theming isn't just implemented into the hardware and fixtures. The food an drink found at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is strictly reminiscent of those mentioned in the series. However, the rules of what is and isn't allowed in these parks come from J.K. Rowling herself, and they are followed ruthlessly.

One strict rule that Rowling enforces in the park is that the Butterbeer has to remain alcohol-free. They do sell spirited beers and Fire Whiskey for those who wish to enjoy a cocktail. However, adding the whiskey in with the Butterbeer is not allowed. Employees will refuse to do this and guests are supposed to take the shots right at the bar. However, there will be a few rebellious people who will ignore this rule.

4 4. Take Too Long In The Food Line

Places like the Three Broomsticks require visitors to wait in line an order their food before sitting down in the restaurant. These lines can get unbearably long, and it's mostly thanks to guests who take their time ordering.

Considering you usually have to wait for a good ten minutes or so before placing in order, it would be mindful of guests to have their order ready by the time they get to the cashier.

3 3. Stand Too Close

Diagon Alley's close quarters are no excuse for this one. People come to this intricate land from all over the world, but personal space is a pretty standard courtesy. Still, you may still find some guests who ignore this rule.

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They will practically stand on your heels to get you to take a step further in a ride queue or they will push and shove their way through Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes cramped quarters.

2 2. Talk During Celestina Warbeck And The Banshees

Thankfully, Universal has a few sit-down attractions that don't involve waiting in line or being surrounded by overbearing guests. Celestina Warbeck And The Banshees is an entertaining show that elicits guest interaction while they fill the air with beautiful music.

This show takes place on a side street in Diagon Alley, where there is ample room for people to sit and watch the show. However, even with the cast member's microphones, overly excited individuals and crying babies tend to drown out their performances. It's hard to tell these people to tone it down, but the rest of the audience will be thankful that you did.

1 1. Ruin The Experience

Of all the things that could go wrong at the Wizarding World, the worst is when experiences are ruined for first-time visitors. No amount of internet research can prepare you for the magical feeling of living in Harry's world, if only for a day.

These experiences can get ruined in a few ways, most of which have already been mentioned on this list. But the most heart-breaking of all is when someone spoils the surprise. If you've been here before, don't openly talk about the ride's unexpected twists and turns or mention the cameos on the Hogwarts Express.

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