Epcot is one of the most diverse theme parks on the planet. From Future World to World Showcase, there’s so much to see and do for Disney guests of all ages. Part educational and part fun, Walt first presented his vision to the world in 1966 just weeks before his death. If Walt were alive today, he would be impressed by what he inspired Disney Imagineers to do with his concept, but he may also be troubled by the behavior of some Epcot guests. Read on to learn about the ten things annoying guests always do at Epcot and how you can avoid being one of them.

10 Stop Ruining The Rides For Everyone Else!

Despite the signs (and Cast Members) reminding guests to not use flash photography on dark rides, there’s always someone who completely ruins it for everyone. It’s terribly annoying when you’re enjoying a performance or dark attraction only to be blinded by the unnecessary camera flashes from a rude guest taking a picture everyone knows isn’t going to come out good snapped under those conditions.

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Wanting to take pictures on vacation is perfectly understandable but it should only be done when it’s allowed and not at the risk of irritating fellow travelers.

9 There are Too Many Trashcans To Continue To Litter

Epcot, as well as all the other Disney parks, is pristine thanks to the hard working Cast Members. Littering still happens despite trash cans being available every thirty steps, according to Disney policy. Cast Members from shopkeepers to princesses are required to pick up any trash they happen to see in the streets. Who would want to be shamed by having Mickey Mouse pick up their dirty cup?

Fun fact: gum is not sold in any of the Disney parks to avoid having guests dispose of it improperly.

8 Stop Jumping Lines!

This one may go without saying but there are few guests more annoying than the line-jumpers. They’re the ones who claim to be meeting a group at the head of the line so you’ll allow them to pass you, or they hold a place in line for their family of eight to jump in.

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They’re the ones responsible for making you wait longer than you should. Those annoying line-jumpers can be found at various shows, as well. You’re up front watching the mariachi band in Mexico and someone pushes their way in front of you without apology or remorse. Nobody likes the line-jumpers.

7 Quick Stops Cause Pile-Ups

You know who they are and they’re everywhere. It’s the end of the night and you’re tired after a full day at Epcot. You’re leaving the park after IlumiNations and the crowd is moving along nicely toward the exit. That is until someone stops unexpectedly in the middle of the walkway creating a near-collision or a pile-up that could have been easily avoided if they had just looked around and moved to the side. The same goes for oblivious guests stopping suddenly to take a picture. A little crowd mindfulness goes a long way in keeping everyone happy and safe.

6 Aggressively Strolling

All Disney parks, including Epcot, now have limits on the size of the strollers allowed in the parks and this new policy is bound to improve the experience for many guests. There is nothing more annoying than getting slammed by a mega-stroller pushed by an adult who has forgotten their clearance radius, or worse yet, colliding with a child pushing an empty stroller.

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With the size of the park, it’s perfectly understandable that little ones need a stroller to avoid pooping out an hour into the day, but the drivers should be given a test which includes how to avoid guests’ ankles and should be fined for using their stroller as a lethal weapon.

5 Complain Outside The Park

If anyone does a little research ahead of a visit they should be able to figure out that Epcot’s cash registers are vacuum-powered. People who openly complain about the high prices affect every other guest within earshot.

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The same applies to those who grumble about the heat after choosing to visit in August where the temperatures can exceed 90°F. Wearing high heeled sandals to a place where it’s not uncommon to walk 6-10 miles in one day and expect blisters, but keep the comments to yourself. If everyone were more prepared, fewer people would be annoyed.

4 Recording Everything!

We have all become addicted to our technology and love to record life’s memories, especially while at Epcot. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll realize we often don’t look at those videos later and no one back home really wants to see them. Guests who block your view by holding up a cell phone (or worse yet, a tablet) to record videos should just be enjoying the moment and not disturbing fellow travelers. Life should be lived in the moment, not through a viewfinder.

3 Drink To Excess

While it’s tempting to “drink around the world” in World Showcase overindulging makes for some sloppy guests. This isn’t Cozumel at spring break, kids. Epcot is a family park and not everyone needs to witness drunken shenanigans. And heaven forbid someone loses their lunch on Soarin’ after too many margaritas in Mexico.

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Guests who find themselves a little too tipsy should do everyone a favor and go back to the hotel and sleep it off instead of ruining the vacations of those who keep their drinking under control.

2 Singing Along

One of the biggest annoyances are the guests who want to show off their Disney devotion by singing along to all their favorite tunes. It’s hard to avoid getting catchy tunes stuck in your head like the Imagination song from Journey Into Imagination or the tune from the American Pavilion in World Showcase but no one wants to hear a guest interrupt the attraction by singing along. This isn’t The Rocky Horror Picture Show and audience participation is a no-no.

1 Disrespecting The Cast Members

Cast Members in Epcot work their tails off to make guests’ experiences memorable. The annoying guests who take things too far with one of the living statues in World Showcase, or the hecklers who need to have themselves heard above any given performance (see number eight) make Cast Members lives much more difficult.

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It’s not their fault when a ride has to be closed suddenly or is under renovation. They do everything possible to create a fun, safe, and memorable experience for guests and should be respected and treated kindly.