If there's anything more fun than going into the magical realms of Disney parks, it's not going into the magical realms of Disney parks. Despite its appeal, Disney theme parks are a lot to deal with, namely with the people surrounding you. Disneyland invites over 44,000 daily guests to its park alone, with 52,000 daily guests visiting the Disney World location in Orlando, Florida. There is an unrelenting sea of people pushing their way through the parks each day and it can be a lot to deal with.

Dinsey guests—despite their best efforts—at some point in the day become drained. Whether that's due to a bout of hunger or from the excessive midday sun, the result is always the same; they're irritated, impatient, and, quite honestly, just annoying. You'll start to notice these guest mannerisms once you visit the parks, and you will more than likely experience one of these annoying traits first-hand. So, to prepare you for your upcoming magical adventure, here are ten annoying things that guests always do at Disney parks.

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10 They Don't Wear Deodorant

You'll know them when you smell them. Some people forget to swipe on deodorant in the anticipation for a fun-filled day at Disney. Nevertheless, the odor that steams off of guests can be unbearable, especially within close proximities like the ride's waiting queue. There's really nothing anyone can do about it, and passersby can only hope that the gift shops offer this personal hygiene item to those in need.

9 They Demand Free Things

Whether it is out of spite of sheer greed or some misguided sense of entitlement, it's easy to spot what is now known as the "Karen" in the hospitality industry. Karens are the unhappy, taxing, degrading, and sometimes screeching guests that are demanding free items in exchange for poor service or simple mishaps. This happens a lot at Disney, especially because these scam artists think that they have found an easy target to give in to their whims. Disney parks do run a multi-billion dollar operation, after all. What's a free meal to them? You can spot these types of annoying guests a mile away; they'll be the ones asking to speak to a manager.

8 They Get Impatient

Everyone gets impatient now and again. Especially when it comes to theme parks where the sun is beating down on its guests without ceasing, and where there's even a line for the bathroom. The seconds spent ticking by in the waiting line seem to get longer and longer, making Disney parks guests that much more irritable. However, it seems like the pressure gets the best of some guests, and they take no shame in displaying their outrage and impatience to anyone within earshot. These are the impatient guests, and although the majority of guests can feel their pain, its only the annoying ones who vocally relieve their frustrations.

7 Stop in the Middle of the Road

Nothing in this world is more infuriating than having to stop yourself from running into someone who thinks that it is perfectly fine to make a dead stop in the middle of a bustling street. But somehow there are families—and quite a few individuals—at Disney parks who find this to be a reasonable action. Stopping in the middle of Main Street U.S.A causes momentary panic, annoyance, and ultimately road blockage. People are so engrossed in their own little world that they don't take the time to notice the cascade of people trying to get around them.

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6 They'll Invade Your Personal Space

Speaking of crowds, there are some guests at Disney parks who find the jam-packed crowd as the perfect excuse to invade one's personal space. Never mind the empty seat to their left on the monorail or the two feet available for them to space out within the ride queue; they'd rather get up close and personal. This annoying trait is prevalent in a couple of socially untrained guests, and it can be hard to tell them to take a step back.

5 Play On Cell Phones

It can be a bit sad in today's age to walk around Fantasyland just to see children, of all attendees, completely immersed in their technological devices. It happens far too frequently, and it's even upsetting seeing grown adults glued to their cell phone when they should be enjoying a Disney park show or ride. It seems to be a complete waste of money to indulge in this type of fantasy if these guests are perfectly fine with escaping reality through the ease of their cell phones. Hopefully, one day, people can discard this habit and enjoy what's in front of them. But until then, just know that guests on their cell phones or tablets are annoying to those who actually appreciate Disney parks.

4 They Don't Pay Attention

Besides not paying any mind the amazing eccentric atmosphere around them, there are some Disney guests who simply don't pay attention... like, to anything. This becomes especially frustrating while waiting in those excruciatingly long lines and people on their cell phones don't notice that it's time to move forward. This might speak to the impatience of some, but the least people can do is be aware of their surroundings and make the tedious task of waiting to ride the attraction more bearable by keeping the line moving.

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3 They Don't Apologize

With the shoulder-to-shoulder hustle happening daily at Disney parks, it's not uncommon for people to run into one another. However, this accident becomes especially annoying when guests don't have the common courtesy to apologize after colliding with another human being. Even if it is not their fault, most people would find it within themselves to casually make sure the other person isn't harmed. But that's not the case for those self-involved—see; annoying—Disney guests. They will ram into your shoulder, give you a dirty look, and be on their merry way without so much as a word in your direction.

2 They Block Entryways

We get it: it's hot. Wilting, even. Most Disney guests indulge in the habit of entering the cool of the air-conditioned shops that are prevalent along the park's streets. However, for some reason, you may see that annoying guest or two who will stand directly in the entryway to these shops. Nevermind the ongoing flux of people entering and exiting the store; so long as these people have access to an air-conditioned unit, they will be standing wherever they want to, thank you very much.

1 They Don't Control Their Kids

And when it comes to the pinnacle of annoying things that Disney park guests do, it is when they let their children run wild. Loose canons screaming, running, and trampling their way through a ride or the public walkway is guaranteed to get under everyone's skin, yet there are annoying parents who don't feel the need to tighten the reins. It's understandable that the kids are simply excited; they are at the "happiest place on Earth," after all. But what onlookers will never understand is why these parents don't take the initiative to make everyone else's experience more enjoyable by keeping their children's tyranny to a minimum.

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