We all remember Steve Irwin as a courageous man, a brave human being that wanted to spread his love for animals across the world so that we could all see the excitement it built inside him, perhaps even getting excited ourselves in the process! Despite the fact that he was eventually taken down by a stingray, an animal that is very rarely fatal to human beings, we think there were some things in this world that even Irwin wouldn't have taken on.

This isn't even because they're dangerous but because they're not exactly nice to look at, which is important when people are making a television show! What we've done is pull together 25 animals that even Irwin wouldn't have put on camera, despite how much he loved animals. Get ready to wince from the screen, because some of these animals are genuinely difficult to look at!

So, we want to get down to it and start showing everyone some of the animals we've been able to find. We have struggled to look at a lot of these images, so it's only fair that everyone else has to do the same! Well then, let's get started!

23 Japanese Giant Hornet

Seeing as this is the world's largest hornet, we can see why people are genuinely afraid of them, especially when people factor in the reality of how unpleasant their sting is.

There is also something about an insect with eyes this large that make human beings feel uncomfortable, and we're not too sure why that is.

Honestly, we would run in the opposite direction if we saw one of these coming our way, so we can only imagine how terrified people get when an entire swarm comes their way!

22 Giant Isopod

As people should be able to tell from this image, a Giant Isopod is considered a living fossil, an animal that reminds us all of the sorts of animals that once roamed this planet before us (livescience).

We're not saying this thing is dangerous or that it is likely to hurt anyone, but we do know that it looks absolutely weird.

Who would've wanted to see this thing on television? That's exactly why we're not surprised we never saw Irwin throw himself at one of these to tell us all about it.

21 Amazonian Giant Centipede

While only one person has ever passed on from the bite of this giant, the venom isn't the reason we would want to stay away from the beast. This guy is weird.

Look at it! There's nothing about the giant centipede that we think is appealing. If we saw this thing at our feet, we would run in the opposite direction and probably never look back.

The fact that there are people in this world that can find things like in their own homes is enough to make us scared to ever leave our own.

20 Goliath Tigerfish

Let's start with the way this fish looks, because if somebody was to tell us that this fish had actually been dredged up from down under, we'd probably believed them. Just look at those teeth!

Now, let's look at the way that they feed and look for prey when they're under the water.

Seeing as this fish is so big, they essentially just eat anything that's smaller than them that they can overpower with their larger body and even larger teeth. This guy will stop for nothing, and will take on anything it can see.

19 Whip Spiders

Like a lot of unpleasant animals on this planet, these things actually don't pose any issues to the human race. They have no venom, but if somebody messes with them they can puncture their skin with the thorn like protuberances that can be seen in this image. We don't care if it isn't fatal though, or if it's unlikely to attack us, because it looks like one of the scariest creepy crawlies we have ever seen.

18 Basking Shark

While this sort of shark doesn't use its gaping mouth to swallow human beings whole, it still doesn't haunt our nightmares to this day.

We think that taking a look into a Basking Shark's mouth would probably make anyone take a look back at their life, instantly remembering all of the mistakes and regrets within their mind.

If its mouth wasn't bad enough, it has the trademark dark eyes that make all of the other shark species out there worrying to the general public.

17 Star Nosed Mole

We're not sure why, but human beings feel very uncomfortable when faced with something like this, the nose taking on the form of odd tentacles.

It makes our skin crawl to think that this animal has nose tentacles which we can only assume move on their own.

What would it feel like to have that nose touch your body? We're not trying to make people feel uncomfortable here, but we think that everyone should have to go through what we're going through looking at this image!

16 African Honey Bee

This bee is a perfect example of how nature can go wrong when human beings try to mess with it. Believe it or not, but it was humans who originally created this bee in an attempt to increase the honey production in Brazil in the 1950s, but 26 swarms escaped from quarantine at this time. Since then, they have been spreading across South and North America, and they're known for their hugely painful sting, so everybody is rightly scared of them.

15 Blobfish

Once again, this guy may not be able to cause much problems when it comes to human life, but we don't want to have anything to do with this sad sack of fish throughout our entire lives. Not only does it look sad here, but imagine accidentally coming face to face with it in the deep sea. You're just swimming around, trying to get by in the dark, and then you turn around and this fish comes out the dark to make you jump. Now, try not to have nightmares about that.

14 Wrinkled Face Bat

This little guy has one of the weirdest faces in the animal kingdom, and this is apparently as it allows this bat to eat a wider variety of things than any other bats out there.

We don't think there are a lot of people out there that enjoy bats in general, but there's no chance that anybody out there likes this little guy.

Even the bat lovers have to admit that this guy is creepy, he's very unpleasant, and looks permanently grumpy which is never a good look if we're honest.

13 Wolf Eel

While they are often more curious than they are aggressive, we don't think we could ever trust something that looks like this. That being said, they can give quite a painful bite to human beings if they want to (aqua.org).

The males and the females can pair for life, living in a cave together for the rest of their lives.

They will look after their young together, with one of them staying behind while the other goes out to feed. Pretty cute for something that looks like this, right?

12 Shoebill Stork

Beyond the unpleasant bite that this stork can give any human being that foolishly gets close to it, this bird isn't actually that dangerous, but it doesn't make it any less weird.

It is a weird looking bird with a massive bill, that we think would have most people running in the opposite direction pretty quickly!

If people really want to see why this bird is weird, they should go and take a look at it on YouTube, where they will find it making some truly worrying noises

11 Purple Frog

To some, the tiny face of this frog is probably quite cute, but to us it is one of the creepiest things that exists on this planet.

While other frogs appear much flatter, this guy is actually quite bloated and round. We're not sure why, but that, along with the face, makes it really difficult to look at this little animal.

Like many other weird animals in this world, it also makes a very weird noise. Go take a look at what it sounds like if looking at it isn't enough to freak you out.

10 Northern Stargazer

This grumpy looking thing can grow up to 22 inches long, which is the main thing that makes us feel uncomfortable when we look at it.

The longer it is, the more likely we are to accidentally stand on it. The thought of its squishy body being under our feet, looking up at us like this, is scary.

If that isn't enough, this little animal can actually administer small electric shock from the top of its head, which is another reason to stay away from it.

9 Bird Dung Crab Spider

Evolution has thrown up some pretty incredible things, including this little guy, that has actually evolved to look and smell just like bird dung. That should be enough to tell everyone why we don't think anyone would want to see Steve Irwin playing around with this little guy right? People don't like spiders already, but throw in one that looks and smells like bird dung and we can only assume that even spider lovers wouldn't want to spend time with this one!

8 Marabou Stork

Not only is this bird incredibly difficult to look at, but it is known for flourishing in landfills of all places. It is widely regarded to be a scavenger bird, surviving by any means necessary.

The reason that they have little feathers across their head is because it allows them the ability to properly scavenge in the filth and not have to keep clean.

There is genuinely nothing pleasant about this creature, and we don't ever want to have to look into its cold eyes for the rest of our lives...

7 Camel Spider

There are a lot of lies spread around the internet about this spider, but even when they're disproved, it's still a rather unpleasant looking thing.

They're very fast, meaning that if a human being wants to turn and get away from one, they'll probably be able to catch up with them, which makes our skin crawl.

At worse, they can offer a painful nip to anybody that gets too close, but that doesn't mean they don't look like they could do much worse. Some people assume they have venom, but they don't.

6 California Condor

This ugly beast is actually the largest US land bird, making it a rather imposing vulture that we would never want to come across in real life.

It actually became extinct in the wild during the late 80s, with the rest of the species being captured. It has since been reintroduced back into the ecosystem.

We cannot believe that some people had the ability to make sure that these things never made it back into the world, and yet they chose to repopulate the world with them instead!

5 Celebes Crested Macaque

This weird looking thing has the sort of face that only a mother could love, which is the first reason that we would never want to see it on the television, with Steve Irwin or without. They're also known for smiling widely as a form of aggression to those around them, which is quite possibly the most unpleasant thing that any animal could do to a human being. Smiles should be a happy thing, not a form of non-verbal aggression!

4 Cone Snail

At first, this snail doesn't look like much, but it is actually filled with venom that could end up either taking down someone or eventually be an important medicine.

While the smaller versions only manage to cause something similar to a bee sting to a fully grown human, the larger version can inject enough venom to be a real issue.

Yes, this little snail's venom is being very well researched at the moment, as some believe that it may be the answer needed to cure various problems found within humanity.