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Choosing a destination for a vacation between two incredible places can be tricky. While there is no “better” vacation destination, there are always factors travelers are willing to weigh before they decide where to explore. Every destination has unique features that make travelers prefer them over other beautiful places. Consequently, different tastes, preferences, and interests determine how travelers rate a particular destination. Most visitors experience challenges when choosing a suitable destination for their vacation because they lack accurate and adequate information to assist them in making the right decision. Amsterdam Vs. Copenhagen, which vacation destination is better for you? Here is everything to know to choose the right destination.


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Amsterdam Vs. Copenhagen

Visitors should ask themselves certain questions to determine their expectations from their holiday vacation. Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen are very fascinating and famous travel destinations in Northern Europe. Amsterdam tends to have many more visitors compared to Copenhagen. However, both are great choices if one is looking for more of a cultural vacation.

Travel Duration


Amsterdam is great for short-term and long-term vacations. Although the Netherlands' Capital is small, there is more to see and do – what it offers is immeasurable. The city is popular for not just having many beautiful canals, but also for its amazing, welcoming locals and rich culture. Travelers may not even realize their vacation days are over once in Amsterdam. So, depending on what a traveler is looking to achieve on a holiday, Amsterdam is great for both long and short-term vacations.


Visiting Copenhagen for a shorter or longer vacation still works, depending on travelers' priorities. Being much smaller and a little more relaxed than Amsterdam, three full days is almost enough to explore the city’s main attractions. More than four days is suitable for travelers considering Copenhagen a top priority, but three days is a great starting point.

Amsterdam is preferable for a longer holiday – thanks to the many towns with some of Europe's most iconic attractions.

Amsterdam Vs. Copenhagen Cycling

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are both popular for their riding culture and can therefore be referred to as biking destinations. Almost all residents ride bicycles to work or to attend to their day-to-day activities. More than a half of Copenhagen’s population use bikes to get to work, and, surprisingly, the statistics kind of match that of Amsterdam. Recent studies show that Netherlands and Denmark are two of the top countries with the highest number of bikes. Both cities are striving to improve infrastructure to make biking easier for the residents and travelers.

When to Visit Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Looking to go on a sunny holiday? The truth is – that travelers' chances of enjoying a sunny holiday in both cities are quite low. Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen are best suited for cultural tourism, and none of them have fascinating beaches.

Located south of Copenhagen at 4 degrees latitude, Amsterdam receives more rain throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 38.5 °F to 62.5 °F. Summers in Amsterdam are warmer and cloudy at times, while winters are cold, cloudy, and longer.

On the other hand, Copenhagen experiences warmer summers, cold nights, and winter. The city’s summers are less cloudy than that of Amsterdam. Winters are windy, quite cold, and mostly cloudy, with temperatures ranging from 29°F to 71°F.

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Same as Copenhagen, summer is the best time to visit and explore Amsterdam as the weather is warmer. The only drawback of visiting the city during summer is overcrowding as many travelers prefer to explore the city in summer. The best time to explore Amsterdam is in April, May, and September. For travelers looking to travel during the peak season - March is the best time.

Amsterdam Vs. Copenhagen Beer

Amsterdam is famous for Heineken Brewery, while Copenhagen is popular for Carlsberg. Both these beers have 5% content in them and are served in beautiful green bottles. There are tours for visitors looking for opportunities to learn about how these beers are made. Travelers can always have a taste of these beers when on their vacation. Whether from a restaurant or a pub – the taste of these locals’ brands is great.

Amsterdam Vs. Copenhagen Culture and Art

Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen are deeply rooted in culture. Amsterdam has plenty of museums to explore and get familiar with their rich histories and ways of life. One of Amsterdam's most visited museums is Van Gogh Museum. While Van Gogh Museum is the most famous in the city and the whole of the Netherlands, Stedelijk and Rijks Museums are also great places to experience the history and art of the Dutch.

One can never get enough of Amsterdam when it comes to artwork. Music lovers are not left out as the city preserves varieties – from local SKA bands to superstars and DJs serving the international music industry.

Copenhagen, likewise, has a lot to offer in history and art. There are plenty of bronze statues spread almost everywhere in the city – mostly dedicated to royalty and artists. The most popular and must-visit bronze statue is "the Little Mermaid."

Which is the Best City for Vacation

Where to visit between Amsterdam and Copenhagen depends on what a visitor considers more attractive. But, if one is looking for a budget-friendly city, then Amsterdam would be the best choice. Amsterdam has a VAT of 19% while Copenhagen has 25%, much higher than the Netherlands' Capital. It means Copenhagen is more expensive – not suitable for visitors traveling on a budget. With the many museums, parks, and numerous kids' entertainment - Amsterdam is an ideal vacation destination for families with kids.

Apart from being a cheaper alternative, Amsterdam offers plenty of outdoor opportunities to travelers. Whether exploring the city with a family or friends - there is always so much to see and do. Amsterdam is the best city to visit for a vacation.