Flying can definitely be a stressful experience, but American Airlines is trying to help with that, by introducing an in-flight relaxation app. Whether passengers are stressed out about the crowded airport, dealing with customs and lugging around heavy suitcases, or just the idea of sitting in a packed, jet powered tin can for several hours, travel stress is definitely a thing.

Many people deal with the frustration of travel in their own way - whether that is taking medication or natural remedies, trying to get lost in some in flight entertainment, or using essential oils and relaxation techniques to make the experience a little bit smoother. Meditating, and using relaxation apps and recordings is another hugely popular way to relax on a flight, although that can be difficult if those apps are not available offline... but now American Airlines is making things easier for stressed out travelers with their own relaxation app.


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Starting October 8, American Airlines passengers will be able to access a new app created in partnership with Calm, Apple's 'Best iPhone App of the Year' in 2017. Calm is a meditation and relaxation app, and the videos created for American Airlines focus on travel-specific breathing and mindfulness exercises for relaxation. Calm and American Airlines have partnered to create three of these videos, and passengers will also have access to the rest of Calm's catalog of guided meditations, bedtime stories, and nature sounds through their in-flight entertainment systems.

American Airlines isn't the first company to offer an app like this. In 2011, Headspace (another hugely successful meditation app) started offering in-flight relaxation with Virgin Atlantic, and has since expanded to ten other airlines (including United and Delta). However, this is the first time that Calm has partnered up with an airline to offer this kind of travel-specific video.

This is certainly good news for fans of meditation and relaxation apps, and should make traveling a little less stressful for many. Of course, others may find it difficult to really concentrate on meditation or relaxation on a crowded airplane, and the app will still require passengers to bring their own headphones. Noise canceling headphones will be a perfect choice for this one, though, allowing travelers to cut out all the sounds of the cabin (and that inevitable crying baby), and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature for a slightly more pleasant flight.

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Source: CNBC