American Airlines Will Allow Passengers With Nut Allergies To Board Early

Passengers who have nut allergies will be permitted to board American Airlines flights early starting from December of this year.

As incredible as it is that in the 21st century, we are able to fly almost anywhere in the world, but the process of taking an airplane can be a grueling one. Even before we step foot on the aircraft, it is extremely likely that we'll have to endure an awful lot of stress as it is.

You probably had to wake up early, then, once you finally arrive at the airport, there is the arduous task of going through security. Plus, no matter how many times we endure the process, we can never seem to get the timing right. After the security checks are done, we normally find ourselves dashing for our flight before it leaves or with a three-hour wait on our hands, and rarely anything in between.


For some unlucky few, there is something else they need to worry about every time they board a flight: peanuts. A common snack on airplanes for decades, but what if you have a nut allergy? Some people have nut allergies so severe that simply being near peanuts can be potentially life-threatening. That's why it seems so strange that peanuts are the snack of choice while thousands of feet up in the air with nowhere to go if someone has an allergic reaction.

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American Airlines is currently taking steps to reduce the risk of nut allergy sufferers having a reaction while in the air. As reported by Bloomberg, from December 12th, 2018, passengers with the airline who suffer from nut allergies will be allowed to board the aircraft before anyone else. That way, they can wipe down their seat and ensure that there is little to no chance of them coming into contact with any nuts.

The changes in American Airlines' policy comes after some recent scrutiny. In March of this year, a mother traveling with her son on the airline was apparently helped very little by the cabin crew when her son suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction. American Airlines isn't the first company to take this action. Delta already lets passengers with nut allergies board early in order to disinfect where they'll be sitting for the flight.


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