Nature has magnificent ways of surprising us, and a hot spring is the most perfect example to prove it. The naturally heated water that rises from the Earth’s depths is known for its therapeutic and healing powers for centuries.

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Hot springs are rich in minerals and a dip provides an unreal calming experience. It is essentially the need of the hour in today’s world that is filled with physical and mental stress. Several hot springs are now listed as some of the most visited tourist destinations, with increased awareness of the myriad benefits of this gift of nature. Here are some you might want to try.

10 Riverbend Hot Springs, New Mexico

An incredible destination for a therapeutic experience, Riverbend Hot Springs is located in Truth or Consequence downtown in New Mexico. The mineral-rich pools facilitate internal joy by letting you rejuvenate and relax.

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The view of the Rio Grande River and the Turtleback Mountains from the pool further adds to the setting that lets you unwind from all the stress. It is a perfect place to detoxify and the only sound you will hear will be of nature. The private pools are ideal for an unforgettable and romantic date. It restricts the entry of children below the age of 12 years as it aims to provide a zen-like ambiance.

9 Baranof Warm Springs, Sitka, Alaska

A hidden gem in this beautiful city of Alaska is the Baranof Warm Springs. The unbelievable natural warm spring, next to glacially-fed Baranof Lake offers complete relaxation to the body, mind and, soul. The temperature in the nine separate hot springs ranges from lukewarm to as high as 120-degree Fahrenheit. The warm spring can only be reached by boat or a floatplane from Sitka. The place that remained unexplored till 1891, is now frequently visited, especially by cruisers. The waterfall, along the warm springs bay, provides an unmatched view. A soak in this warm spring is the easiest way to attain ultimate peace of mind.

8 Fifth Water Hot Springs, Spanish Fork, Utah

With a view that looks like it is taken straight out of a fantasy movie, the Fifth Water Hot Springs in Utah is one of the most beautiful places in America. The mesmerizing sight of the gorgeous blue water refreshes you even before you soak in the pool. Located in Utah, this stunning place is also called as the Diamond Fork Hot Springs. The hike to the natural hot springs is usually a 4.6-miles round trip, however, it can extend up to 13.2 miles during winter. Surprisingly it is still one of the most crowded hot springs as the amazing waterfalls and the pools make the hike is worth it.

7 Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, California

The Travertine Hot Springs is located south of Bridgeport on Route 395 in California. It offers a surreal experience with its natural mineral pools at a comforting temperature. The place is accessible over a dirt road, which can make the journey a little rough so get your 4-wheel drive ready. However, the soothing pools just wipe away all the tiredness as soon as you dip in. The majestic view of the mountains and the myriad colors of nature makes the experience even more delightful. It is highly recommended to visit this magical place during weekdays as it is thronged by hot spring enthusiasts during the weekends. The place is a blessing for a vacation in the otherwise notoriously expensive California.

6 Goldbug Hot Springs, Idaho

A picturesque view and a natural geothermal wonder exist at this high desert hot springs in between Salmon and Challis, Idaho. The exhilarating hike of 2 miles leads to a perfect place for those who prefer solitude to a great extent.

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The fairly difficult trek is not a road taken by many, but the surprise that awaits makes it a popular destination. The temperature of the pools varies according to the season and the most ideal time to visit this spring is Autumn. It is also advisable to carry essentials like water, food, and sunblock while visiting Goldbug Hot Springs.

5 Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado

A place that is increasingly becoming popular in Colorado is Conundrum Hot Springs among the Maroon Bells. Located at an elevation of 11,200 feet, this 18-mile round-trip trek is a paradise for hot spring lovers but be prepared for the high elevation. The trail offers splendid views throughout the journey, with colorful aspens and wildflowers on either side. However, the trek is quite challenging and also requires you to carry your garbage bags. The snowfall during winters makes it even more difficult to navigate the routes, hence the best time to visit the springs is from July to September. The grueling trek is perfect for adventurous souls.

4 Glenwood Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Another must-visit hot springs in Colorado is the classic Glenwood Hot Springs. It is credited as the world’s largest hot springs. It is also the hottest pool in Colorado and the temperature is cooled to 90-degree Fahrenheit for a comforting experience. There is a huge swimming pool filled with the wonderful mineral-rich water that allows you to actually swim and not just sit. Great for the kids. The healing properties of the hot spring relieve muscle aches and also calms the mind. Furthermore, you can indulge in some fun here at the splash zone that offers a river ride. It has been Colorado’s favorite destination for a rejuvenation since 1888.

3 Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

The Breitenbush Hot Springs is located near Detroit, Oregon and is surrounded by the beautiful Williamette National Forest. The natural geothermal spring is rich in dissolved minerals that are known to have excellent healing abilities. Clothing is optional for soaking in these pools, and it vouches to take you to a world of tranquillity. The Breitenbush retreat center is also often touted for its spiritual and holistic workshops. The natural hot springs have been captured in seven unique pools and it also offers a fascinating view making it one of the most ideal locations for a relaxing weekend. This beautiful hot spring is blessed with the gift of nature at its peak.

2 Homestead Crater and Hot Springs, Midway, Utah

This one of a kind hot spring is naturally placed inside a cavern and is a major tourist attraction in Utah. The Homestead Crater is hidden in a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock and is considered a natural wonder. The spectacular hot spring is also famous for scuba diving and snorkeling facilities in addition to the warm soaking. It is open to visitors till 6:30 pm during the weekdays and the natural sunlight offers a splendid view. The temperature of the mineral water pool is adjusted at 90 to 96-degree Fahrenheit and offers ultimate relaxation. The fresh air and the crystal-clear water takes away stress in seconds.

1 Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska

The charming Chena Hot Springs is a perfect revitalizing getaway that is located in

Alaska. The therapeutic power of the natural pool that was discovered 100 years ago is accoladed by visitors every day. A glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights in the sky overhead is what makes this hot spring so unique. The aurora ice museum here also attracts tourists from all over the world. Unlike most of the hot springs in America, Chena is ideal to be visited during the winter, offering a soothing experience even to the eyes. The splendid colors that you see are sure to fill your life with a memory for a lifetime.

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