There's a reason why cruises are incredibly popular throughout the year. Travelers have the ability to see more than one destination in a single trip. From the glaciers of Alaska to the islands of the Caribbean, die-hard travelers can find a cruise to sail on any time of year.

The beauty of cruises is although they can come with a hefty price tag, most things on the cruise are included in the price. Meaning, cruisers can wine and dine to their heart's content while seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. But what will surprise most travelers is what's not included in their cruise-line price. Be sure to read the fine print, people because we're looking at five amenities that aren't always our favorite price: free.


Fancy Beverages Are Fancy For A Reason

The thought of drinking endless mimosas, non-fat lattes, and fancy cocktails on a ship heading towards the vacation of your dreams sound like a dream. Sadly, not all of these fancy beverages are included in every person's ticket. Depending on the cruise you book with, some specialty coffees and drinks come at an additional price. Shockingly, this can include certain sodas, too!

According to Cruise Critic, even if you bring your own bottle of champagne or wine to dinner, some cruise-lines will charge you to uncork your bottle for you! So if you're thinking of doing a cruise and fancy beverages are at the top of your list for an epic vacation, be sure to buy a package that includes them or be aware that they'll cost extra before ordering them without cash on you.

Late Night Room Service Is Not Always What It Seems

Different cruise lines offer different amenities. This is why it's important to compare cruise lines before booking one for an extended vacation.

With most food and dining areas included in a person's cruise ticket, some passengers assume room service is free. However, that's not always the case. For late-night room service requests, a price tag is applied to the person's bill. Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines charge around $7.95 for bringing food to your room and other cruise lines have menu options that come at an extra price if you want them delivered.

Being Zen Comes At A Price

Depending on where the cruise is heading, most tourists are getting ready for a European excursion, an island getaway, or exploring the great life up North. Nevertheless, there are mature activities on most cruise lines to make sure every person (regardless of age) is having a nice time.

Seeing that there's a spa on your ship may make you giddy but they typically come at an additional price. However, when booking your trip with a cruise-line, be on the lookout for spa deals for the duration of your stay. They're typically more affordable than buying a day pass when you're already on the ship (and totally worth it). After all, bring on a cruise has its benefits but spending the morning at the spa is what vacationing is all about!

Are You Not Entertained!?

Cruise lines are extremely organized. Menus are already in motion, activities are already organized, and themed-nights are already scheduled. There's a science and a precision to running an exceptional cruise-line because travelers are spending most of their trip on the boat. The ship needs to have everything a person could ever want while away from home. This means that entertainment is plentiful on cruises.

There are shows, karaoke, movies, competitions, clubs, bars — it's everything on land but on a ship. But does that mean all activities are included in a person's ticket? Not always. Shermans Travel notes that Carnival Vista has an IMAX theater onboard and they charge over $12 a ticket. Likewise, there are bowling lanes on MSC Cruises but tickets to bowl range around $7. It's wise to know what you're getting for your money.

Fancy Food Fans Beware

Remember how we said some fancy drinks like cocktails and special coffees weren't always included in a person's cruise-line ticket? Well, neither is all the food.

Sometimes a la carte options, sushi, and higher-end meals aren't always included in your 'all you can eat' ticket. While a majority of the food is included there are always options that can be purchased at an additional price.