Patagonia is a region in South America that runs along the edges of Chile and Argentina. It is known for its spectacular views and astounding adventures, which is why it is such a popular place to visit. This place should be on your bucket list due to its singular beauty.

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We have created a list of the best views in this region because there is so much to see and so little time. When you travel to these locations you will understand what it means to be truly immersed in natural beauty. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing views in Patagonia you have to see before you die!

10 Cerro Torre

This is an activity that you must complete before leaving Patagonia because it is just that breathtaking. You can experience it in two ways as the hike to the top can be quite challenging for beginners.

There is also a trail that takes you very close to seeing the view similar to the one from the top, but even this is still a hard trail to hike. You should make sure not to go on a windy day, as it can cause precarious situations and flying rocks which will leave you more battered and bruised than you intended.

9 Perito Moreno Glacier

This is one of the most beautiful sights in all of Patagonia between the blue waters and the gigantic glacier before you. It spans 21 square miles but has not finished its growth spurt just yet.

Back in 1981, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but there are platforms constructed nearby so you can view it from a reasonable distance. There is also a boat ride available that will take you on a journey around the base of the glacier, so you can get even closer than you had imagined.

8 Cerro Tronador

This is an eleven-mile hike that will take you to a spectacular glacier view. You can actually sleep beside the glacier if you pack a tent, and the images of the sunrise and sunset over its top are breathtaking.

You can wander around the top of it to see tiny pools and other melted spots, as well as have a panoramic view of the surrounding area that you can't see anywhere else. It will be an experience you can't find anywhere else in the world and your friends won't believe the pictures you show them about your trip.

7 Beagle Channel

This historic waterway spans 150-miles and is a place where many pioneers first explored South American waterways. You can see jagged mountains in the distance with snow-capped peaks and a beautiful green forest below it.

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It is possible to see the sights from a boat tour or by boarding a cruise ship, and you even have the option to take a short trek onshore. No matter what method you choose you are guaranteed to witness at least one chunk of ice falling into the channel before you as it showcases its great might.

6 No Man's Land

This is a journey into the uncharted wilderness of Patagonia as you travel through the Andes Mountains on a road no man has taken before. Many people choose to attempt this feat on horseback as they cross from Chile to Argentina, but plenty of people hike it as well.

You can sleep under the stars, trek through muddy pathways, and experience altitude sickness. It is a whirlwind of an adventure and plenty of tour guide companies exist who will take you to see some of the best views in Patagonia.

5 French Valley

This five-day hike is epic and will show you so many natural wonders you won't know what to do. There are steep climbs and glacier views that reveal the beauty of our natural world. If you are lucky you might glimpse some ice chunks breaking off of the glacier, but the panoramic view is what everyone is really after. There is also a waterfall along the way to give you something else to look at and increase your anticipation for the big reveal.

4 The Marble Caves

These caves are located on a peninsula that is made entirely of marble that has been eroded away by years of water abuse. You will have to take a boat ride over to reach this place.

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The time of year you decide to visit will determine their color, as they change with the height of the tide from a deep blue to a pale green. It is a boat tour that takes about thirty minutes, and it is highly recommended for anyone planning to take a trip to this part of Patagonia.

3 John Garner Pass

This is part of the Full Circuit Trek and it is located in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. You have the ability to see the Grey Glacier, and if you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the South Patagonian Ice Cap.

You will encounter snow and trees as you make the trek to the top, and you won't believe your eyes when you finally make it. The view is amazing and a true natural wonder that mankind will never be able to replicate in its lifetime.

2 Queulat Glacier

This glacier showcases two different waterfalls that formed when the ice cap was split into two. This is a part of a national park so there is camping nearby if you wanted a headstart on the trails in the morning before the crowds show up to see this view.

It is about a two-mile hike through thick mud and it costs $5.50 to enter, but any true adventurer would be able to make it through.  The view is by far the best of any of the hanging glaciers you find here as it is easily accessible and big enough to see from a distance.

1 Refugio Dickson

This site is located in Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile. It has its own glacial lake with plenty of gorgeous rock formations for visitors to see. There are several treks to take, but they all take several days to complete.

The longest trail will allow you to see the best sights Patagonia has to offer, but all of them will still give you memories that last a lifetime. There are plenty of nearby amenities near the trailheads so you can stock up on supplies before taking the journey into the unknown.

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