Egypt is the perfect destination for visitors with millions visiting every year, it is known for all its treasures, pyramids, gold, drawings, sun, and desert and is somewhere tourists can visit all year round. Visitors can enjoy an iconic camel ride alongside the pyramids surrounded by sun and deserts. Every year, the number of people visiting is increasing and this is reflected in Egypt’s increasing number of new and improved hotels.

10 Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Luxor

Not the first thing a potential visitor expects to read, is it? However, seeing the landscape of Egypt from a bird’s eye view is an unparalleled experience. Private pickup services will deliver guests for a short boat ride to the hot air balloons and then - it’s time for takeoff! Float over Luxor, home of the open-air museum and numerous monuments and temples.

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9 Camel Rides

Just riding a camel on its own would make for a memorable trip, but imagine combining camels with dinner and a show? There are tours in Egypt where tourists can spend a day being picked up by a limo and touring the pyramids of Giza and riding camels and ATVs, followed by shopping and dinner and a show on the Nile.

8 Visit The Pyramids

One of the most iconic sites in the world is the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. These pyramids were built for the Egyptian pharaohs and were built right at the beginning of human times, 5,000 years ago. Egypt makes most of its money just from tourists visiting the pyramids and there are 3 main ones with the pyramid of Giza being the oldest of the three and the most fascinating for tourists. When here visitors should spend around 3 hours and they can explore inside the pyramid, visit the panoramic point and even have a camel ride.

7 Cruise On The Nile

Away from all the ancient tombs and temples tourists can find the Nile river where they can take a cruise and sail between Aswan and Luxor and see other places on their way. Although the cruise is the most popular option, tourists can decide to take a smaller wooden boat which is called a dahabiya, for tourists wanting to be in a smaller group or even a couple looking for a romantic experience, this is the best option for them.

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6 Egyptian Museum

Here, tourists will find the largest Egyptian artifacts in the world and the world-famous Tutankhamun mask is here where visitors can admire a beautiful gold mask right in front of their eyes. Another popular part of the museum is the Royal Mummies Room. The museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm and ticket prices start from £20. To have a guided tour or enter the mummies' room, visitors will need to pay an extra fee.

5 The Pyramids Of Dahshur

The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid are two of the oldest pyramids in Egypt. The Egyptians managed to build the first non-bumpy pyramid in the world, which is the Red Pyramid. Tourists visiting these pyramids will definitely feel adventure, even more than the iconic pyramids of Giza. To explore inside, tourists will adventure downright, dark tunnels and tour the ancient chambers.

4 Hike On Mount Sinai

It is believed that this is where Moses was given his Ten Commandments and is a popular religious site. To see the sunrise at the summit tourists should consider starting the hike just before dawn. Hikers can choose from two paths to get to the summit, one is easier and wider but the other one is shorter and more challenging.

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3 Scuba Dive In The Red Sea

One of the world's most popular places to scuba dive is the Red Sea. Here tourists will find shipwrecks to explore and the water is very warm, transparent, and full of beautiful and colorful marine life. This is what makes it a very popular and known spot for diving and snorkeling. The best time for tourists to visit here would be between October and April as the temperatures won’t be too unbearable.

2 The Valley Of Kings

The Valley Of Kings is said to be a royal burial ground and is home to beautifully decorated tombs that belong to the pharaohs that ruled Egypt. Although there are over 60 tombs here, only a few of them are open to the public. When visitors purchase a ticket which is around 100 Egyptian pounds per person, they will find 8 tombs included on it but three can be visited with the entrance ticket. To see the tomb known as Tutankhamun, there will be an extra fee.

1 Beaches

In Egypt, there are beaches for every type of visitor. The Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular resort packed with hotels, restaurants, and lots of entertainment, which is perfect for families. Tourists can find a lagoon area with cheap dive packages at Dahab which is much more budget-friendly. Tourists can even fully relax in a bamboo hut further up the coast.

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