Nanjing is among China's most stunning cities and is situated on the Yangtze River in Jiangsu province on the eastern side. Nanjing used to be China’s largest city; during the Ming dynasty (6th) and has played a significant role in the long history of the country. Still, in more recent times, it was the Capital of China’s Republic – and is considered one of China’s four Great Ancient Capitals, along with Luoyang, Beijing, and Xi’an. Its beauty and attraction can be seen in its stunning temples, magnificent river cruises, tombs found on the mountain tops, and museums displaying China's history and culture. Here are the 10 amazing things to do in China's Nanjing.Related: 10 Amazing (Underrated) Places To Visit In China

10 Visit Niushoushan Cultural Park

Located in Nanjing’s southern suburb, Niushoushan Cultural Park was established to preserve the Buddhist culture. It is the newest development park and the most recent tourist attraction in Nanjing. Travelers visiting this park get an incredible opportunity to explore the ancient Buddhist roots of the region while enjoying beautiful views of the mountain. The park's modern architecture and the stunning natural surroundings will leave every traveler in awe.

9 Explore the Nanjing City Wall to Appreciate the Antiquity of the City

Nanjing and Xian host the most ancient city walls in China. Extending up to 25.1 kilometers in length, Nanjing's City Wall is the world's longest and largest protected city wall. The Ming Dynasty’s first emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang built this city wall in 1366, and it took 27 years to get it completed. The City Wall allows travelers to appreciate Nanjing's treasures. The City Wall lets them look back and imagine how Naming could look a thousand years ago. Splendid views of Jiming Temple, Purple Mountain, and Xuanwu Lake are guaranteed from the city wall.

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8 Wander Around the Purple Mountain and Admire its Landscape

One of South China’s Four Famed Mountains, Purple Mountain is another popular attraction and a hot spot to explore. It is located in Nanjing City’s east part and has peaks covered in purple and golden clouds at dawn and dusk – this is where it got its name. The area is parked with three major sites and beautiful trails travelers can walk through as they explore the Purple Mountain’s magnificence. The stone animals built on the pathways are stunning and can make a great spot for taking amazing photographs. Also, travelers could enjoy swimming with the locals in Lake Zixia.

7 Experience the Beauty of Usnisa Palace

Anyone looking for a unique side of China should visit and explore Usnisa Palace - an underground palace offering travelers so much to see and do. The many beautiful colors and intricate designs are eye-catching, and most travelers barely know where to stare. The landscaped background is a haven, and since there are park fees for entrance, this place is never too crowded - travelers can always have a good time.

6 Visit Xuanwu Lake

Xuanwu Lake is a famous destination for both locals and international tourists – and it is best visited during morning hours. The elderly persons come here regularly to practice tai-chi. The stunning scenery is natural, and there is so much to enjoy - from the beautiful view of the lake’s clear green water to boat rides to explore the stunning blue waves, mountains, and green trees along the lake shores. Travelers can explore the magic and magnificent stone - the basalt rock`. Travelers can have incredible views on a clear day and the city wall.

5 Explore the Confucius Temple

The Confucius Temple has a great history of over 1000 years and was built to worship Confucius, ancient China's educator and thinker. The whole temple covers a big area, having Studying Hall, Gongyuan, and the Confucius Temple. Travelers visiting this temple have access to exploring ancient China's largest imperial examination system during Ming and Qing Dynasties. Confucius Temple has a lot to experience – temples, shops, stunning restaurants, and beautiful gardens.

4 A boat trip along the Qinhuai River

Covering 6 miles, beautiful scenery, including stunning high towers, stone bridges, and pagodas surround Quinhuai River - making boat cruise a popular attraction. The folating lights on the river surface and the live performances spice up the tour experience along this river. Boats with ornate paintings provide an incredible view of the most beautiful sites in the city, including the Confucius Temple, Zhonghua Gate, Bailu Zhou Garden, and Zhanyuan Garden.

3 Admire Niushou Mountain and Its Surroundings

Niushou Mountain, translated as Ox Head Mountain, was named after its two summits resembling ox horns. It is known for hosting the Foding Palace, which houses the Sakyamuni borne remains. Visiting Niushou Mountain allows travelers to admire and explore the Foding Palace and the Foding Tower. The palace’s dome contains other small domes resembling the Buddha’s cassock, which represents the blessings from Buddha.

2 Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum is one of China's biggest imperial tombs. This tomb has a great history that dates back to 1381 and is home to the founding emperor and queen of the Ming Dynasty's remains – Zhu Yuanzhang and his wife Xiao Ci. Taking over 50 years to construct, exploring this tomb offers an exceptional experience, especially walking around its grounds. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, ponds, and bridges, this is a perfect spot to enjoy stunning views and achieve peace of mind.

1 Discover the Remains Of Porcelain Tower

Once considered one of the world’s seven prehistoric wonders, Porcelain Tower was wrecked, just like the many historic buildings in the city. The tower got destroyed in 2008, and another tower was rebuilt in the same place. Here, travelers can see the remains of the 2008 disaster as well as the Buddha remains, which are believed to have been discovered on these grounds. The top of the tower offers incredible views of Nanjing city and its beautiful surrounding.