Usually, an episode involving intoxication results in the drunk in question just sort of falling down. Rarely does an alcohol-fuelled situation involve things heading in the opposite direction.

Except on Tuesday, apparently, when in The Alps in Italy, an Estonian tourist only known as Pavel managed a feat that not many could achieve while sober. Instead of heading to his hotel, he wound up climbing a nearby mountain.

Normally, tourists would be aware of street inclines when in a foreign land. However, in this case Pavel was so drunk after a few glasses in the resort town of Cervinia in Valle d'Costa, when he took a wrong turn walking back to the hotel, he didn't notice that he was increasing his altitude with every step he took. In fact, his path turned out not be a street after all, but the 20-km. Ventina, one of the longest ski runs in the Alps, where skiers start hitting the slopes at its apex, around 2,400 meters above sea level.


Several clicks and hours later, while a search party was feverishly looking for him, Pavel managed to stumble upon the Igloo bar and restaurant at the top of the run around 2 a.m.  Whether he thought it was his hotel room or whether he was industrious with his hotel room key while under the influence still isn't known. At any rate, Pavel managed to crash the joint and pass out on a bench inside.

That's exactly where the morning Igloo staff found him when they opened up the bar for business. He had managed to find a few cushionss to stay warm and helped himself to a couple bottles of water to ward off the painful effects of a hangover.

His actions didn't result in any criminal charges, although Pavel will be fined for being on the run after hours. But according to Igloo staff, he was lucky in that despite a major snowfall that night, the temperature wasn't cold enough to freeze the inebriate in his tracks.

Pavel was fortunate for a couple more reasons. First, at least he was walking, not driving, so he wasn't a danger to anyone else. He also had timing and geography in his side. A week earlier in the Swiss Alps, three skiers were killed in an avalanche.